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NEW! Check the right column! These are job feeds from Indeed.com. They are now extensive on the site, for your use. If you are looking for odd, lesser known writing jobs go to this page.

According to CNNMoney.com among the seven trendy new jobs is "blog editor." We've seen some evidence of that.

There is a real question of their value as journalism. They don't have the legs yet for that demanding profession. But it is special-interest groups, businesses, private and public agencies that are leading the way with "blogging-as-a-profession."

Posted April 24, 2006

Do you want to write for online publications? Here's one of the better assessments of the prospect by the editor of the OrlandoSentinel.com. Especially read the comments at the bottom of the story. We are at the beginning of something new and real, not the end.

Do you want to be a great editor? Of course you do. Read this article by Marshall Loeb on the qualities it takes to be one.

We get questions about approaching magazines without clips. It's the condundrum of how to break-in to magazine writing. This article by Kelly James-Enger has some good ideas. After all, there is more to a magazine than long, feature articles.

Posted April 21, 2006

Strife always churns up the heart of the matter. The Village Voice is going through a sea-change. New ownership is focusing on local reporting rather than national and international news. Staffers are quitting, others are getting fired. The philosophical change is "with the times," as the Nat Hentoff-era truth-tellers are replaced by old-time beat reporters. I want our writers to start reporting, Mr. Lacey said. One of the things that happened with the Internet and blogging is that it made simple punditry in newsprint irrelevant. Its no longer timely. Mr. Lacey (Michael Lacey, executive editor) has a point; a very good and creative point. After all, aren't newspapers (and the Village Voice is a newspaper) under the gun? Don't they have to change to survive?

Of course they do. By the way they are looking for an editor.

On the other hand, the Denver Post is lopping off 25 staff positions to offset the same sort of losses newspapers have faced the past couple of years.

Can writers make money from blogging? We've touched on this at Sunoasis. Most writers don't think in terms of money. They think more in terms of a consistent public that will enjoy, if not support, what they write. The key for writers is to create an interesting space with a sharply, well-thought out angle of attack. One thing is in the favor of writers. The audience is still spaced out on the novelty of the Web. They will tire of it and develop a taste for only that which enhances their life. As a writer, position yourself as the one they stop at as they migrate all around the Web looking for their own, specific grail.

Posted April 19, 2006

Any freelance writer who is thinking of submitting material to the New York Times should read this memo. It may become standard practice since so many publications are going the freelance route.

When people ask about careers in writing we say, "be versatile." Write, learn to write well but add other skills like video and audio to your repertoire, as is suggested in this review of the "Online Careers Power Lunch."

Posted April 11, 2006

Read some basic tips on getting informational interviews, especially at places you've applied for jobs.

We have a page at Sunoasis Career Development on this subject with links. Most professional people are open and receptive to guide, even for a few hours, a young person to a career path. It's also a good way to initiate yourself into meeting with professionals, in a professional manner, and starting the networking process. Make sure you don't confuse this type of interview with actually applying for a job.

Posted April 4, 2006

We mentioned the alternative press last month. The Village Voice lists jobs in a variety of venues. Currently there are three job listings from around the country.

Posted April 3, 2006

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