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Writing Your Way to the Top

September 2004 (Newstream) -- Top executives agree that the ability to write opens doors to professional employment. In fact, a 2004 survey of American business executives found that poorly written job applications are a figurative kiss of death and that future job growth will increasingly emphasize writing skills.

In the age of global technology, business communication relies more on email and the written word than ever before. As a result, the survey also found that nearly half of all businesses are spending more than $3 billion a year to teach employees to write more effectively. The message is clear - whether you work in finance, real estate or even banking, you need to know more than just numbers.

To prepare America's youth for better careers, the National Commission on Writing is working to foster a greater emphasis on writing in high schools and colleges. Their recommendations include: increasing the amount of time students spend writing, applying new technologies to teach more effectively, and providing more funds to support teachers.

Hopefully, before long, students will be writing their own tickets to success.

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