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QVC, Stanford University, Martha Stewart Living, Forbes, The Las Vegas Sun, MIT Sloan Management Journal, Business Week, ABARTA Media, InfoWorld, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, SanAntonio City Search,, Orange County Business Journal,, Bernard Hodes Group, The Edmund Sun, Raging Bull, Council on Foundations, Sapient, Cahners Business Information, Woman's World, FOLIOfn, Fluent Communication, and many more.

  1. 45 days/1 listing: $100
  2. 45 days/2 listings: $150
  3. 45 days/3 listings: $200
  4. One Full-Year of access for postings: $700

Each package includes a listing on the main job board and the appropriate regional page + a listing on all Sunoasis Network publications through the run of the ad. There are currently over 2,500 subscribers to the Network.

Nothing is simpler than submitting a job to Sunoasis Jobs! Send the job ad + billing information (name, address, FAX, etc.) to or FAX it to: (603)971-5013

You'll be invoiced, usually by FAX, within a day.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Sunoasis Jobs at: or call (925)255-3506.

Use the Net creatively! Don't think of this ad space in terms of print. Think of it in terms of crafting the narrative of your company to a targeted pool of qualified candidates.

There is a good article in the latest INC. Magazine on bringing marketing and branding together in recruiting efforts. Some of their advice is:

  1. Think of a "help wanted" ad as a marketing opportunity. "It's as important to promote your brand as it is to explain what type of employee you're looking for."
  2. Treat every candidate for a job opening like a potential customer. "Every hiring manager should spend a few minutes during an interview making a concise but direct sales pitch."

NOTE: You will be invoiced from the time the ad is actually posted. All ads are subject to editing.

You will be contacted as soon as the job is posted.

When you use Sunoasis Jobs:

  1. You reach a very targeted audience of writers, editors, technical writers, copywriters, copy editors, and all who are looking for editorial jobs on the Net.
  2. You get a posting on Job Posting page as well as a posting in the region that the job is located. Or, when applicable, the type of job; ie. freelance, online, telecommute, etc.
  3. You get continuous postings on Sunoasis Jobs Update that goes out to over 2,500 subscribers.
  4. You can choose between a variety of packages that allows you to do a quick search for candidates or a more thorough, patient search depending on your needs.
  5. The ad will be put in forums where writers go to look for jobs.

Your ad will reach thousands of writers and editors from around the US and world.

Thanks/ David Eide
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