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There are some basic ways that employers look for new hires. One is through advertisements they place in the newspaper and, now, online. The second is through an informal network process. Classified advertisements represent about 25% of the available jobs. Networking, cold-calling, informational interviews and internships bring in the bulk of the work force.

The job search means the use of search engines, job boards, newspaper classifieds, association listings, among other ways and means to locate job openings.

But, where are those job openings?

There are some tricks to find these jobs but it is mostly persistence and experience. After a period of time of learning the basics you should have no problem in getting online, developing a folder of links, hitting those links, entering the right search phrases, contacting job listings that interest you, and get the job that is perfect at this point in your career. 

It is the hypertext linking system that allows for the easy access to jobs. That is partly determined by the type of connection you have, the speed of the modem, and the condition of the Net at any given time. Nonetheless, even the lowest tech among us can find the job they seek using these very simple instructions. If you need some information about getting online go to the Basics page. 

It is very important to know beforehand what it is you are looking for in a job. Many people have written us with hardly a clue as to what they really want from their next job. The clearer a picture you have of the job, the boss, the culture, the pay and the benefits the better off you'll be.

In this job environment the best advice is: Discover the problem the employer is trying to solve and present yourself as the solution.

We recommend that you look at the Sunoasis Career Development page, along with the Job Search page.


Step One: Databases

Step one is to discover where the jobs are. The most logical place to start are the databases. These are rich mines for the job seeker but a lot of digging has to take place. Start here and learn how to use these to your advantage. After a little practice it only takes an hour of your time to scour the Net for jobs. 


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