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The first thing is to look at the basic ways you can find employment:

(1) To Network:

(2) Job Notices

(3) The Employer

(4) The Information Interview

Make sure you use the resources in the right column. There is background material and tips plus excellent advice about how to structure a career.

There is nothing more challenging or rewarding as finding the right job for yourself. To do so you need to use every resource in the mix.

There is both art and skill to finding a job and it can be summarized as: Co-ordinate the ability to assess yourself, explore the careers that exist, conduct the job search, and execute skillfully when a job opportunity is at hand.

The best advice is to view the job search as a job itself, perhaps the most important job you will ever have. Make a schedule and keep to it. Write a diary and keep track of who you speak with. Use the four resources listed above. Stay in shape and eat well. Learn to deal with the stress of finding a job.

It takes a strategy. Treat the job search like a job. Another important point: Target the employers you want to work for. This is becoming very important because it's necessary to target your resume for specific jobs and industries, and it is a competitive advantage to bring into an interview any and all knowledge you have discovered about that company.

It also means that you, the job seeker, need to sit down and figure out what exactly you want from a job situation. How important is the "corporate culture?" How important is the size of the company? How important are the benefits they offer? Address these questions before you start any robust job search.

And above all else: Bring a postive attitude to your job search!

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For those new to the Net or overwhelmed by the nature of the online job market I suggest you look at the Cyber Search Tutorial.There are more job boards and classifieds from metro newspapers.

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Cyber Search will show you where all the writing jobs are!

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