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PLEASE NOTE! has set up a new Network called Sunoasis Writers Network. If you want to submit poetry or story go to and sign up. It is free. Then you can do one of several things:
  • Put your poem or story or essay in a blog and load it onto the network
  • Join a group, submit it there and let others read it
  • Put a notice on the Forum you have stories and poems and then give a link.

The Network has over 850 members at this time and is growing so take advantage of it. It was set up to provide writing and career opportunities for the writing crowd but there are plenty of fiction and poetry writers on it. I've always been impressed by the level of talent C/Oasis was able to draw to it and hope that talent hops on the Network!

I want to keep C/Oasis accessible but for the time being is not publishing.

Thanks for all the great contributions over the last decade! Hope to see you at the Sunoasis Writers Network.

There are plenty of archives and more interesting things here so look around. Thanks! David/Vicki

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Introducing the Sunoasis Literary Blong with comments, observations, links, and assorted fits and starts. What is a Blong? It's what writers who respect the art of writing write.

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The Acumen for Survival and Advancement
by G. David Schwartz

A series of motifs in literature allows us to say, as a general principle as well as an experiential possibility, no one wants to be the younger brother. In folktales, the narrative perspective is generally either told from the point of view of the older brother, or else the younger brother is telling the tale of the younger brothers' death.

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The Editor of C/Oasis Reviews Three New Collections of Short Stories
Drivers by Nathan Leslie
The Language of Elk by Benjamin Percy
The Religious and Other Fictions by Christina Milletti

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Tips/Announcements For Writers

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    The internet is a peculiar mass medium. It moves in a collective fashion, like a tsunami, and yet is dotted with absolutely startling new things. COasis In its collective mode it is like radio and TV. Every decade and every generation will see enormous change. Today is fated to be laughed at in the future.

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      On The Rocks by Liam Rands
    “Are all bodies this heavy?” Brad asked. He struggled to maintain his grip around Wayne’s thick legs.

    “He’s a dead weight alright.” Todd chuckled. He looked down at the overweight man they carried between them. “It’s all those chocolate cookies the kids in his class make for him. They stick like lead to his waist.”

      DIVA by Elizabeth Varadan
    "It’ll be nice to see my grandbabies," Renee chattered nervously. Since they’d left the bus depot the taxi driver had only made noncommittal grunts to her comments.
      Days Without Whites by Vivian Yang.
    The year was 1972. I was eight. The world was as outlandish a place then as it is now. Shanghai was no exception.
      My Gift To Cindy
    by Mike Markel

    Would you think me insufferable if I begin by stating I am extraordinarily good at what I do?
      The Young Man Who Said He Wouldn’t Eat Chocolate Again by Tom Sheehan.
    Today it all came back. Once again, on another brilliant dawning, the Western Yetness still calling me, I woke with a toothache.
      In The Beginning by S. Brady Tucker
    In the drowsy and silent dark of guard duty, I thought the white shadows clumsily trodding past my position were Wyoming elk. In my darkened dreams, they seemed graceful and full of purpose—the cows following the bulls in file.

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      Three Poems by Lamont Palmer
    Reflections on Possible Waywardness
    A Tilghman Island Tale

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      Two Poems by Aidan Andrew Dun
    Black Passing
    April Time

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      Two Poems by Ivan Silverberg
    The Day Nicky Lived Forever
    The Draining
      Three Poems by Graham Burchell
    Porthole 1

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    by Roy A. Barnes

    Love has many prices. One of them is accepting the imperfections of the person, place, or thing that has found its way into your heart.

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      Strange Lands and Peoples, Chapter 1 by Martha Nemes Fried.
    A group of starving young students from Manchuria assembled during midmorning on Legation Street in Beijing only four days after we arrived for our vacation. They sat quietly and in an orderly fashion. They had sent a representative to petition the mayor for provisions of food.

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    Lately I’ve learned a lot about e-publishing. Late in December 2003, I published a resource book for writers with one of the better-known print-on-demand (POD) companies. It appeared in paperback, a privilege for which I had to pay a considerable set-up fee, but at the same time-- at no charge-- it was made available as a downloadable e-book-- a PDF document.

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        10 Tips For A Polished Public Reading by Erika Dreifus
      Not long ago I read one of my short stories aloud at a writers' conference...
        Book Review of "How To Make A Living As A Poet"
      reviewed by David Eide

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