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Poetry Editor
Vicki Goldsberry

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Please join us for the first part of the interview with Robert Bly
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Archives of C/Oasis poetry!

Two Poems by Mike Estabrook
I Know Its Not Him
only the good things

Two Poems by Laurie Mazzaferro
Niagra Falling

Two Poems by Patrick Flynn
Night Bird
Somewhere August

Two Poems by Marina Lee Sable
The Mystic Dancer and the Hookah Pipe
Inhabiting a Distant Moon

Poetry by Jim McCurry
The Calm Desperado

Two Poems by Sabyasachi Roy
Angel in Disguise
Metropolis, this

Two Poems by Lynn Strongin
You're Getting Unique Treatment

Two poems by Cheryl Hicks:
When the Stream of Consciousness Turns Downward
Acts of God and Other Mysteries

Two Poems by Karyna McGlynn
The Cambridge Cuckold
Just Nod, Diane

Two poems by Tom Sheehan

Poetry by Christine Hamm
Nebuchadnezzar: by Jeff Alfier
Two Poems by William Delman


PLEASE NOTE! Sunoasis.com has set up a new Network called Sunoasis Writers Network. If you want to submit poetry or story go to sunoasis.ning.com and sign up. It is free. Then you can do one of several things:

  • Put your poem or story or essay in a blog and load it onto the network
  • Join a group, submit it there and let others read it
  • Put a notice on the Forum you have stories and poems and then give a link.

The Network has over 850 members at this time and is growing so take advantage of it. It was set up to provide writing and career opportunities for the writing crowd but there are plenty of fiction and poetry writers on it. I've always been impressed by the level of talent C/Oasis was able to draw to it and hope that talent hops on the Network!

We want to publish more poetry. We get a good deal of it here. Our criteria is still high; your poems must surprise, enchant, enlighten, or dazzle the editors.

The poetry we look for comes from life experience + consciousness of a poetic art. The life experience can be inward dwelling or out in the social/political/personal world. When we say, "consciousness of a poetic art," we mean that the poet has read modern poetry, is not trying to imitate poets of one hundred years ago. Some of the poets that make up the editors canon: W.C. Williams, Ezra Pound, Neruda, Rilke, Charles Olson, Robert Frost, Caesar Vallejo, William Stafford, Wallace Stevens, Anne Sexton, Gertrude Stein, H.D., among others. Be familiar with these poets as well as local and contemporary poets. Make picture. Make song. Don't write prose and then edit it out so it's chopped up as you think a poem should be. Bring a poetic consciousness to the work and then edit it with pictures and song in your spirit.

Hope you enjoy C/Oasis!


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