Submission Guidelines for C/Oasis

NOTICE: PLEASE NOTE! has set up a new Network called Sunoasis Writers Network. If you want to submit poetry or story go to and sign up. It is free. Then you can do one of several things:

The Network has over 850 members at this time and is growing so take advantage of it. It was set up to provide writing and career opportunities for the writing crowd but there are plenty of fiction and poetry writers on it. I've always been impressed by the level of talent C/Oasis was able to draw to it and hope that talent hops on the Network!

C/Oasis is published by Sunoasis Publishing. It started in January 1998 and has published some of the finest poets and short story writers around, as well as essayists. The editor is David Eide. Approximately 3,000-4,000 visitors come to Oasis each month. Almost all the work published in C/Oasis is freelance. It usually buys one-time rights.

The readers of C/Oasis are a varied bunch. Some are what could be defined as literary writers, even, teachers and professors. Others are students in liberal arts colleges. More than a few are writers themselves, although not necessarily literary writers. The editors are dedicated to bringing the best literature possible to C/Oasis. We are respectful of the variety of styles and regions in the present world. We have published writers from India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Australia, Ghana, as well as America.

We are looking for innovative writing that takes the art seriously. We are looking for impassioned arguments or fantastic voyages.

We are looking for several distinctive types of writing.

  1. Literary work: Mostly poems and stories since those are the appropriate forms for the web. Any work sent to Oasis will be respected. The editors respond to artful poems that have some consciousness of the poetry written in the 20th century. For short stories, interesting twists are more valuable than character analysis.
  2. Personal Essays: Evocative, personalist, complex, wise observations etc. Think Thoreau.
  3. Writing for writers: Articles that deal with problems writers encounter in the electronic publishing age.
  4. Commentary: Take on something in the real world and deal with it, enhance it with resources, and keep it under 2000 words.

We do publish writing resource articles only if they are written with a slant we haven't seen anywhere. We will look carefully at any article that says something intelligent about electronic publishing.

Hope to hear from you!

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