- Poems by Jim McCurry

The Calm Desperado by Jim McCurry

  You and I, little nothings--still,
you send me mysteries, fatal, easy
                 to misread:  a yellowing
   stone, a brown leaf with
                    puckering edges
                                ebbing and
                      turning yellowish green,
Spider woman, mild of aspect,
            benign intent!
But I'm building a wall of
    inattention   also
          easy to misread:  a
  pyramid, brick by brick.
Each brick is a poem:  maybe a
     riveting conversation, maybe
         a warbling trace, a wren's
                minor grace note
                       turning major--
Tomorrow that gentle girl, your niece, will be
    kneading my palms, the bottoms of my
        feet, the small of my back.  And then
you and I, we'll drive in the rain to Peoria.
I hope you will give me your hand.
It's a small town, this world.
Wisdom? Truth?  Justice?
Vaya con dios ..
though we drive through the rain
like a torrent down the eastern slope
of the heavens, like a
volcanic Mexico--
I shall drive alongside
       my dearest Love
                into a cloudless
head shaven
                No Detour ahead-----

Jim McCurry was born in Hawthorne, CA (L.A.), and raised in west-central Illinois; went to Knox, Yale, Colorado State, U. of Denver (Ph.D.); has been instructor (English, poetry, bioethics, logic, philosophy) at Carl Sandburg College (Galesburg, Illinois) since 1980.

Recent pubs: Alba, Annetna Nepo, Blue Fifth Review, C/Oasis, Eleven Bulls, Fish Drum, Identity Theory (have a blog there, too), poems Niederngasse, Rio, Snow Monkey, Writers Forum (Gerard Manley Hopkins award, 1999), Zacatecas Review, Zuzu's Petals, &many others.

Jim has two online columns, one at Tryst3, the other at Muse Apprentice Guild.

Contact Jim by e-mail:jmccurry@sandburg.edu

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