2 Poems  

By Cheryl Hicks


 I smoke cigars now, but only once a month,
 and I no longer eat meat at all. I still carry
 my arousal around like a succulent fruit
 in a semi permeable pouch just south of my
 solar plexus, and I think of you when it rains
 like it rained today.  I don't spend much time
 binding or unbinding my hair,
 or enough time combing it
 to cause even a small thunderstorm.
 I have found myself strangely alone
 and craving lightning.

 Your going has left an emptiness
 in me bigger than my original self
 and I have denied words until
 they no longer spill down my arms.
 I write in shorthand now, disabled
 and unwilling to transcribe the details.

 Let the leaves fall. Let them say she was taken
 on a Friday, full-faced and plastered on the cover,
 no sense denying the truth.  Let them say she could twirl
 like a leaf weighted down by her stem.  "Did you see
 how she fell?"  Soft, like a Sunday paper fully folded,
 as predetermined as a morning crepe myrtle
 still loaded with dew.  Still looking for wholes,
 as vulnerable and transparent as a grape,
 let them say she was seedless, and without wings.

WHEN THE STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS TURNS DOWNWARD shoulders shoulders shoulders fingers twine then tighten soft rough touch to such a place just out of reach and then that sweeping urge to power down the line from hip to knee the knee that gives then gives then gives more higher up from hip to knee one feather touch just out of reach just reaching shoulders chest two times I long to shoulders open mouth to knee this urge this higher up just so just so

Cheryl Hicks is a poet, artist and teacher. Working out of The Image Warehouse, a renovated building which dates back to the turn of the century, Hicks is devoted to nurturing creativity in herself and in her students. She is the winner of the 2001 Paddock Poetry Award, and has had her poems published in Urban Spaghetti, Makar, Snakeskin, and Blue Fifth Review. Her paintings have been shown throughout Texas and recently in New York.

Contact Cheryl Hicks at: CHICKSONE@aol.com

April 30, 2003
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