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By Vicki Colker  

Sold Out, Discontinued

"The man who will not when he may shall have not when he
           -- from The Legend of Robin & Makyne

My new lover was making coffee when you knocked at the door.
Those (often kissed) gray eyes of yours revealed your pain
As you tried to claim the present
I offered long ago.

So sorry.
I'm out of that model.
And I'm not making any more.

The man who accepted
the last of my unique inventory
is overwhelmed by the value,
unrestrained with his praise.

So I've decided not to repeat the offer.

Because of five o'clock biscuits
that weren't acknowledged,
beauty that passed unobserved,
wounds that never healed,
love that wasn't made.

And because of
that man in the kitchen making coffee
that man throughout the house speaking love
that man everywhere building a new life
with my now Discontinued Product.

But  I hear there's a sale down the street.

Vicki Goldsberry Colker
October 23, 1980;
May 30, 1996.

Great Expectations Mama wasnít Miss Havisham, But I understood the expectations When (in fifth grade) she signed my book: ďTen years hence youíll be sitting high Married to a very rich guy. Your motto: A ring on every finger.Ē I wasnít. I didnít. Itís not. Deceived by Teensville, she dreamed Iíd marry Opie, Armed me with dance, piano, baton, skating --- Charm school and modeling for insurance --- All the essential skills for Man Catching. Moon-burned, I plunged into my studies, Grew expert in feather boa, lipstick and Wonderbra, Smiling scorn at their auctioned affections: The Desired and Dangerous Vintage. What Mama didnít count on, what I didnít know? The sky of desire The scent of loneliness The shattering of my heart. Vicki Goldsberry Colker April 3, 1998
Respiration I have known you twenty years, treasured your laugh, your stoic charm. Today you are framed in black, Bruised, Your light stolen. You have been receipted and released. My best friend was divorced today. It was not enough. After all this unruly sadness, the feverish spinning, the theatrical goodbyes, remember your knowing power. You did not break: You dismantled the lock. Youíre breathing air again. Vicki Goldsberry Colker

January 30, 2003
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