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A good tale will come from a variety of sources. Sometimes it dances at the top of the brain with a tempting kind of ease. Other times it comes out of the stuff in front of us, the absorbing material of our environment that we are called on to make sense of. Sometimes it is a pure sort of memory stronger than the reality it was created from. Sometimes it talks to us.

We try to address these things in a variety of forms. Here we have the essay, the review, and memoir. We will throw interviews in the mix as well. A kind of reflection, then, on what we have thought on or what has passed through us.

Enjoy! And if you have your own let us see them.

The New Revolution by Elinor Teele
Time, as some would have it, is not a linear line from generation to generation, but a spiral.
Fare Dodging in Angola by Brendan Sainsbury
Picture the scene.
Benguela, Angola on a stiflingly hot Saturday morning in October.

White Space By Gary Lehmann
Most pages of poetry consist of 99% white space and only 1% print, and yet, critics for centuries have focused 100% of their attention on the smallest aspect of poetry on a page.

Strange Lands and People by Martha Nemes Fried
I received a letter in June 1963 from REALM: FOR WOMEN OF ACCOMPLISHMENT, asking me for an article of interest to professional women. It reached me when my son was nearly three months old. I had no time to respond as I was packing for a trip to Taipei, Taiwan where Mort planned to conduct field research for a year with a special interest in the organization of clan temples.

Strange Lands And People Chapter Five by Martha Nemes Fried
Mort, Nancy and I boarded one of the Moore-McCormack ships headed for Port-of-Spain, Trinidad on the third of June in 1954. We were high with excitement as the ship pulled out of New York harbor.

Strange Lands And People Chapter Four By Martha Nemes Fried
Americans who worked for China Relief Mission were on the guest list of the American embassy.

Strange Lands And People by Martha Nemes Fried
Almost halfway joblog through our stay in China I had the opportunity to live and work fairly close to Mort's field site, Ch'u Hsien.

Chapter Two of Strange Lands and People by Martha Nemes Fried
The week I started to work for China Relief Mission, Gilpatric was in London for a conference.

Strange Lands and People by Martha Nemes Fried
“A group of starving young students from Manchuria assembled during midmorning on Legation Street in Beijing only four days after we arrived for our vacation.”

"Writing About Things That Can't Be Written About" by William Stimson
For me, when writing happens in a way that's real -when it comes out in rich fluid gushes- it's always the case I'm writing about things that can't be written about.

A Salty Taste of Spring by Tracie L. Vida
The full moon hung, fecund and creamy, in the black morning sky. The silence reverberated against my eardrum: no birds, no cars, no garbage truck.

Skin by Robert Villanueva
“You start out as it.  Yours is wet and wrinkled and mostly deep lines and crevices and soft and sensitive.  It craves, with instinct, contact with others; others, with instinct, crave to protect yours.”

An Honest Tragedy by Jeff Stimpson
A review of a new biography about novelist Richard Yates.

Why Write by Marty Castleberg

Robert Bly/Coleman Barks interview

Review of Eats, Shoots and Leaves By Valerie Frankal
Do you disdain commas and apostrophes, dropping them into your writing haphazardly?

Add Extra Impact Using Facts and Figures by Resmi Shaji
Statistics add more value to your article. So how about including numbers, percentages or graphs in your work for an extra impact?

Where Have All the Standards Gone? by Rhonda Eudaly
All writers have a single mantra burned into their minds from an early age - never submit something that isn't in proper, or standard, format.

Tips For Overcoming Eight Mistakes by Resmi Shaji
“ Call it lack of confidence or knowledge; aspiring writers tend to take steps that they regret at a later stage.”

If you want to submit essays, reviews, interviews, or memoirs paste them in the body of an e-mail message and send to David at eide491@earthlink.net

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