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Add Extra Impact Using Facts and Figures
by Resmi Shaji

Statistics add more value to your article. So how about including numbers, percentages or graphs in your work for an extra impact?

When I included the number of people indulging in home-based businesses in the U.S in my article on home business, my friends wondered what the source of the data was. Later, while attending an interview for a content writer vacancy, I heard the same question again. They were suspicious that it was imaginary data! I had to explain the source of the statistics. Readers are impressed to see the statistics of another country mentioned in the article. This is not to say that they would not like to see the statistics of their own region too. Since then, I make sure to include at least one point stating statistics, wherever necessary.

Recently, when I wrote an article on soy for a food business magazine, I included around 500 words stating the data based on soy production rate, cultivation area, forecasts on production and so on. The editor was impressed to see so much information embedded in the article. Once we get the data, converting it to use in the form of tables, reports or graphs takes only the time to retrieve and group them according to your preference. Once you have a set of data, group it to form a table, or research further to elaborate each point based on the available data to come up with a report.

Statistics resources on the Net:

The statistics you can get from the net are comprehensive. Almost every country has one or more official websites that showcase statistics. There are private parties too, who collect data from various sources and put them together on websites. Sometimes a simple search like "food" + "statistics" can give you a number of resources. Google is my favorite for any research and gives the best results. You can even search by country or find statistics in some press releases.

Here are a handful of links to find statistics for varied topics:

A vast collection of statistical information pertaining to health. Country specific data is available. Search by entering keyword. There are many resources for subject, links to related sites and statistic reports.

Claims to contain over 1 million records. Has data from almost every country covering 10 broad topics. Their search system is excellent with easy access to records. On specifying country, item, area and year, it presents you with accurate results in tabular form. Furthermore, you have the choice of setting which record you want to see in X-axis or Y-axis of the graph and get results of mathematical calculations.

If you are looking out for only basic information or statistics, World FactBook is the best resource. The site covers statistics on all countries of the world and is up to date.

Contains links to crime related statistical information. Graphical diagrams can also be found apart from numerical data. One of the pages contains links to international crime related sites.

Has links to vast number of resources. The site is organized into the form of a directory, and as an alternative, provides a search option.

If you couldn't find any required information on any of the above sites, you will be able to find links to hundreds of statistic-related websites from across the globe here. Links are categorized under global, regional and country. This one link alone might be able to serve your needs.

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