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Job Notices: Go to every source possible. These include online job boards, like Sunoasis.com, newspapers, hot lines, professional association newsletters, and state employment agencies. It's estimated that 25% of all jobs are filled through classifieds. Some tips:

  • Know the difference between Open and Blind ads (blind ads are listed as post boxes and should be looked at skeptically.)
  • Be concise! Remember, a lot of other people are answering the same ad.

Cyber Search includes a page on Job Boards, while the Media page links to classifieds of major newspapers.

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For those new to the Net or overwhelmed by the nature of the online job market I suggest you look at the Cyber Search Tutorial.There are more job boards and classifieds from metro newspapers.

Don't forget to visit Sunoasis Joblog for daily updates on the writing and publishing industry.

Cyber Search will show you where all the writing jobs are!

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David Eide
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David Eide
copyright 2000-2009