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We learned long ago that being a jobs board was not enough. We had to provide services to the people looking for resources in their career path. We had to create an electronic publication that would develop loyalty among the people who came to Sunoasis.com. We are especially interested in those writers, editors, copywriters, and copy editors who are already working but restless and wanting to find greater opportunity. Those are the prize catches in human resources and they are here. Many of them are subscribers to our newsletters.

Martha Stewart Living, Forbes, MIT, the U.S. Army, Bernard Hodes Group, among many others who have posted with Sunoasis, discovered early on that posting at a niche site is more effective than at a monster site.

Your job ad should not be a mass-produced advertisement, hoping against hope to find that jewel in the mud. We have found the jewels in the form of thousands of loyal readers and subscribers. And they come here to check ads, read the blogs, go to the career resource page, use the job-finding tutorial, or read selections from a vast array of top-level journals and newspapers around the world. And more than a few ask questions about careers, salaries, schooling, and training.

The job ad is not simply an advertisement for an open position; it is an advertisement for your company. It is inviting candidates to look at your company and what it can offer them. It is reaching out to students who are making career decisions right now.

One simple ad can do absolute wonders for branding your company in the minds of very talented people who are always seeking out new opportunities. Find those precious people, as a famous sociologist said, "the 20% who do 80% of the work." Find them here.

Please consider Sunoasis Jobs in your human resource plans! You'll benefit and the wonderfully talented people who use Sunoasis will benefit.

Thank you!


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