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Here is sage advice from the Job Journal, "Find the boss, land a job." We always advice people who ask, find the person who will hire you and present yourself to him or her. Read the article.

Money magazine is cutting seven staffers, mostly reporters and writers,or, as one wag put it, ""The magazine is going back to its roots sort of like a Real Simple for money."

Posted January 31, 2005

We get a lot of mail about changing careers. In this article from Entrepreneur some necessary assessments are explained.

The latest figures from Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary in December. There were no remarkable changes. "The Northeast and South reported the lowest unemployment rates among the four regions in December, 4.9 and 5.0 percent, respectively."

Posted January 26, 2005

Here are some excellent resource links for business journalists but could help any writer.

Askmen.com addresses the question of "what employers look for in a resume."

Posted January 24, 2005

In China journalism is bad for health. Only 28% are healthy. "Stomach problems were the most common ailments of the tested journalists, all of whom were under 60 years old."

Posted January 21, 2005

Are you interested in writing for tech magazines? There's a boom going on. "This is the age of niche publishing," says Andy Plesser, a public relations executive who is helping launch three of the magazines.

Some Reuters journalists in the U.S. staged a one-day byline strike Thursday to protest demands in contract talks as well as management moves to export jobs to low-wage countries.

It's official: The Seattle Times will cut 90-110 unspecified jobs to bring the daily paper to profitability in two years.

Posted January 14, 2005

According to Michael Kinsman, three-quarters of American workers are looking for new jobs. That does indicate a change. It means that workers have been fearful of changing jobs, putting up with bad ones, and that everyone, including employers, are getting more confident in the economy.

Posted January 13, 2005

Those students and others looking to get into a underdeveloped area might consider the religion beat. According to Julia Duin of the Poynter Institute, it's a beat that newspapers don't know what to do with.

Posted January 12, 2005

The Youngstown, Ohio Vindicator has been on strike since November of 2004. It is a classic case of a family run newspaper squeezed from rising costs and union members getting squeezed by wage freezes. Other unions have been supportive and other newspapers have loaned the Vindicator columnists to fill in. It appears that no one will win this and indicates the further weakening of two once powerful institutions, the union and the newspaper.

Is there still a wage gap between men and women? According to the S.F. Chronicle there is.

Posted January 10, 2005

Welcome to the New Year! Last year saw a definite improvement in the job market and things point to a rosier 2005. You should definitely think about the best interview techniques. Make sure you always remove price tags from new clothes!

It's becoming clear too that retirees are making up more of the work force than ever before.

Here's a case of an ax coming down hard and precisely on "among the most talented and hard-working people anywhere."

Posted January 4, 2005

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