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The Conference Board has announced that its help-wanted ad index increased one point for October. Conference Board Economist Ken Goldstein stated, "Despite the outsized job gain in October, the measure of labor demand going forward remains relatively flat, as does the number signing up for their unemployment checks."

In the third quarter of 2004, 780 mass layoff actions were taken by employers that resulted in the separation of 131,452 workers from their jobs for at least 31 days, according to preliminary figures released by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. Get the full story about extended mass layoffs here.

Ok, you're working for a newspaper and they offer you an early retirement package. Are they telling you something?

BBC News is in turmoil after hundreds of job cuts.

Some tips on how to craft an effective cover letter.

Posted November 29, 2004

More on the move to ship journalism jobs overseas to India.

Posted November 23, 2004

Good news for graduates in this Seattle Times article. "We have plenty of employers that say if you are a college grad and want to ... learn our business, we will take you from that point on."

A good article in the Cincinnati Enquirer about age gaps in the American workforce. "...four generations are ladder climbing and backstabbing their way through the average work day." Those four are: The Silent Generation, The Baby Boomers, Generation X, and The Millennials.

For those interested, here is the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary for the month of September. It shows that on September 30, 2004 there were 3.2 million job openings. That is a definite increase from September 30, 2003.

Here are some tips to organize a "career search central."

Newsroom employees of a Pennsylvania newspaper have opted out of union membership. Interesting story.

Posted November 16, 2004

Yahoo! is hiring Neil Budde, the founding editor and publisher of the Wall Street Journal Online, to run its news operations. The hiring underscores Yahoo!'s heightened interest in original content.

Reuters journalists in Britain are considering a strike to protest cuts in the editorial budget that they fear may lead to 250 job losses. Reuters execs insist that job cuts will not be on that scale.

Eager to cut costs in its struggling newspaper division, Tribune Co. plans to consolidate the Washington bureaus of its newspapers. The move could bring staff cuts.

Posted November 15, 2004

As many as 100 jobs will be cut at Newsday through voluntary and non-voluntary buyouts. This is attributed to its circulation scandal.

BBC director general Mark Thompson describes reports that 14,000 staffers will be fired as "preposterous." Still, unions expect that up to 6,000 jobs could be lost due to cut costs.

Posted November 11, 2004

A kind of reversal of "out-sourcing": VNU media is going to cut 40 Dutch jobs as it moves its Executive Board members to New York.

Speaking of Europe, ad executives there are worried about the "furtive mobile phone generation," now coming of age.

Is the magazine industry's advertising recession over?It began in 2001.

And in Japan, monthly magazines are being distributed for free. "Free magazines have become popular with the spread of the Internet, which makes young people think that information can be obtained free of charge."

Posted November 9, 2004

Reuters is going through a large re-organization including relocating a unit to Singapore and outsourcing its sports department.

Here are eleven tips on having a good job interview, plus a few funny mishaps.

Posted November 5, 2004

Generally speaking, the job outlook is sluggish at best. This report at CNN Money says that 100,000 jobs have been lost in the past month. It will be interesting to see if this is noted in the polling booth today.

The Job Journal looks at four old, tired rules of job searching that you might consider breaking.

Posted November 2, 2004

The Conference Board has come out with its monthly Help-Wanted Advertising Index. The index is down a point meaning help wanted ads are down. "In the last three months, help-wanted advertising declined in eight of the nine U.S. regions. Steepest declines occurred in the South Atlantic (-13.0%), New England (-10.8%), and West North Central (-9.9%) regions."

Posted November 1, 2004

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