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Presstime has an extensive article on diversity hiring in newsrooms.

AskMen.com has some strategies for finding your ideal job.

Posted January 26, 2004

DotJournalism is a very resourceful site in the UK and they have some important things to say about online journalism. "The growth of online journalism is a major opportunity for tomorrow's journalists if they can only learn to market their skills more effectively..."

Here's some good advice about how to revamp your job/career search for the new year.

Posted January 23, 2004

According to this story, ..."U.S. women in advertising made an average of $20,000 less than men in comparable jobs. Female print journalists made $9,000 less a year than their male colleagues while female television news directors made $4,000 less."

Posted January 22, 2004

It's true that more and more people are finding jobs through the Internet. And newspaper ads are lagging way behind at 3.8%. It's also true that most jobs are found through networking and pounding the pavement.

This article expresses the point of view that the "jobless recovery" is a fundamental shift in using less people and more technology. "...next great job boom won't be until 2008. What will unemployed Americans do in the meantime? Says Challenger, "They'll become entrepreneurs."

Posted January 21, 2004

Some of the best criticisms on the state of journalism are coming from Ken Auletta. Read the review of "Backstory: Inside the Business of News" in the Denver Post. "What rankles Auletta the most is the loss of humility in journalism..."

Posted January 19, 2004

Freelancers will not appeal their lawsuit against the Boston Globe. This was a significant test case on who owns online content. Freelancers should remember to negotiate seperately for online and other rights with any publication.

Interviews aren't quite what they used to be.

Posted January 16, 2004

Try these Q and A's by the California Job Journal. Four is the recommended job search types you should use. What are the most effective ways to look? Asking family, friends, or professionals, knocking on doors, using the Yellow Pages, working with other jobseekers, and informational interviews?

New York magazine, according to the Editor-in-Chief, is "...about to do a lot of hiring. I'm looking at writing talent, editors and creative talent."

Posted January 14, 2004

This article from Editor and Publisher indicates that hiring on newspapers will be slow for this year. The past three-year slump has cut 10% of the newspaper work-force.

On the Job Live is an online discussion with Kenneth Bredemeier, jobs columnist for the Washington Post. He answers a question about getting jobs in communications.

Posted January 12, 2004

Want to talk money with the boss? Here's how!

An interview with media writer Ken Auletta throws some light on the current state of journalism. "One of the things I don't like about journalism today...is journalists thinking that they're stars..."

Employees of Hollinger's Pioneer Press chain of 50 Chicago-area newspapers have voted to authorize a strike if management and union officials cannot reach a labor pact agreement.

Posted January 6, 2004

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