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An editor offers his insight into why it's so difficult to keep young journalists at small dailies. There's incentive all around to try and alleviate the problem.

If journalism is your thing, here are a comprehensive list of traits editors look for in new hires. And they assume you already have talent.

Posted December 29, 2003

Where is the job growth coming from? Small-business, as this article points out.

Here are some quick ideas on how to figure out the corporate culture of the company you might consider working for.

Posted December 23, 2003

Independent News & Media, which owns newspapers including the Independent in London and the Belfast Telegraph, is planning to cut 600 jobs from its worldwide workforce in a restructuring.

Posted December 18, 2003

This report says that the job market is stronger than it looks."...the count of self-employed workers is up substantially -- by more than 330,000 this year, and by nearly 700,000 since the recovery began two years ago."

Posted December 15, 2003

For those who've asked about different job titles, here's a glossary for many writing careers. The descriptions are brief but can help clarify what a position is.

Posted December 5, 2003

Some advice about the job interview.

Are you German? Or looking for a job in Germany?Arbeitsagentur.de provides a new, super jobs board.

Posted December 2, 2003

Sunoasis has upgraded the Career Development section. It's just beginning. We want to provide extensive resources for those who are looking at careers in the writing game. The section will become an important part on Sunoasis.com. Take a look and make a comment if you wish!

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