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Times are tough for middle-aged job seekers.

Low-priced magazines and free Internet content are among the factors that have hurt the magazine industry, says one marketer.

"The Achilles heel for the newspaper industry is that young people aren't reading the newspaper," says Fred Searby of J.P. Morgan. "They get their (information) somewhere else."

Posted October 30, 2003

Start a business in preparation of getting laid off?

Posted October 28, 2003

A depressing story about survival jobs. The worst survival job I ever took was in an electro-coating plant. Everything in that environment smelled dangerous to me. It was like walking through a toxic waste dump.

Posted October 23, 2003

According to this Business Week article, job growth is starting up again. "The job market has almost surely turned the corner. In the months to come, the economy is likely to build on its September gain and generate more jobs."

In this article on the economic health of newspapers, an economist points to the end of 2004 when there will be a definite drop in unemployment. "...many of these positions are small business jobs."

If you hate your job, plan for your escape.

Posted October 22, 2003

Read this article on finding journalism jobs online. We don't hold it against them that they failed to mention Sunoasis.com but, we are here!

Blogs may be a career path after all.

Newspaper editors say many job openings will remain unfilled to help negotiate the slow recovery.

Posted October 20, 2003

To do well on the interview, you might think like the owner.

Take a job rejection in stride, then reassess.

Here's some good advice on turning dream jobs into reality.

Posted October 17, 2003

The good news is that there appears to be a job recovery, the bad news is that there will be no hiring boom.

Are you a conservative editorial page writer? USA Today has just the job for you.

Check out the Editorial Salary and Workplace Survey for Business Publication Editors.

Posted October 14, 2003

Job seekers often feel alone in their search for a job. "...encourages everyone to hone their job-search skills and take responsibility for career management immediately."

Here's an interesting ruling on where a telecommuter can file for unemployment benefits.

Sometimes luck is the best technique in finding a job.

Posted October 9, 2003

Seven tactics to take into interviews.

This article says that fully one-half of American workers are unhappy in their current jobs. "The survey also found that 80 percent believe telecommuting would make them more productive in their current jobs."

The number of U.S. jobs rose 57,000, the first increase in seven months.

Posted October 7, 2003

Read about the eight writers who founded 8goodpeople.com to find work and what, if anything, has happened.

Posted October 2, 2003

The hightlights in this annual survey on job-finding success in journalism and mass communications, should be reviewed by every student.

More job-cuts, this time it's Reed TV Magazines and the Wall Street Journal.

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