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Now comes the Unemployment Shower, a party for those who have lost their jobs.

The survey shows that newspaper online editors earn an average of $55,754 in base pay and $57,506 in total direct compensation. The salaries reported for online editors ranged from $21,424 to $156,104.

Posted August 25, 2003

Experts blame magazines' falling circulation on competition from the Internet, more print titles and price increases for copies purchased at newsstands.

Then again, In Touch has reached an average circulation of 423,000. Other big circ jumpers include CosmoGIRL!, The Nation and Real Simple.

The Economic Times of India has an interesting interview with the economist Lester Thurow. He claims that the "career" is over as workers need to continually adapt new skills for the changing work world.

Posted August 19, 2003

Are you so discouraged that you've stopped looking for a job? Perhaps this article will help you get on track.

Sign of the times? Penthouse Magazine has declared bankruptcy. Since the Internet has come online, Penthouse circulation has gone from 5 million to 530,000. People will migrate to the Net.

Posted August 14, 2003

Here's an eye-opening report on the loss of white-collar jobs overseas.

The CareerJournal has some good advice on restarting a job search. Some key phrases: "get active," "shake it up," "explore your options."

Posted August 13, 2003

This article is all about resumes and how to get yours noticed. On average, a hiring manager will look at the resume from 30 seconds to one minute. Make sure there are no spelling errors!

Posted August 12, 2003

Here are some new tactics used by job seekers in NY City to get hired. On top of the list is sending out letters of qualification.

According to this story, American journalists are caught between their professional values and a marketing/profits mentality.

Posted August 11, 2003

What would career experts do if they were suddenly laid off?

Here are some tips about finding your ideal career.

Posted August 7, 2003

Magazine publishers are not expecting more job cuts after years of laying off employees.

Do you want a free, online training course for journalists, from the BBC? Of course you do, so click here.

Posted August 4, 2003

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