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Readers of Sunoasis 2003 are familar with our interest in the FCC rulings due out next week. Here are some more insights into it:
from Wired News
from the Christian Science Monitor
Is it all a false alarm?

Writer Sues CBS Under Calif. Overtime Law A former TV writer is accusing CBS of improperly classifying him and about three dozen other writers as salaried employees so that it could avoid paying them overtime.

The New York Times is using freelancers in creative ways.

Posted May 30, 2003

The children's book publisher, Scholastic Corp., is cutting about 400 jobs, mostly in management and administration.

Posted May 29, 2003

Budget cuts mean end for some high school newspapers.

Poynter Online has a discussion on the Blair fiasco.

Posted May 21, 2003

Robb Kreklow has an good column on journalists who make the news. In his opinion they shouldn't. Journalists can be likened to umpires in baseball. They are applying objective rules to the actions of other people. And the best one's do not attract attention to themselves. After all, "the game is all."

UPI is laying off 16 workers and restructuring its operations.

The Jayson Blair story provides this glimpse into the relations between freelance writers and staff writers. Obviously, things don't end up as bad as this story indicates.

Posted May 19, 2003

The Media Daily News has come out with the top 10 trends to watch for during the rest of this year.

Making mistakes on a newspaper: The big and little of it.

Posted May 16, 2003

A very interesting survey says that 40% of Canadians no longer consider TV to be the main form of entertainment and information in their home.

More fascinating is the way the important story of how new proposed FCC rules on media ownership, is not being reported. No one has been murdered and it doesn't involve sex, directly. The media may become more and more driven by "what they want to know," and not by, "what they need to know."

Posted May 14, 2003

A new effort from Britian allows young journalists to post stories from around the world.

We say neither Yay or Nay; just check it out for yourself.

It's fascinating to contemplate this news: In March, the BBC received more hits from Americans than did top US news sites Fox News and The Washington Post, according to web intelligence firm Hitwise.

Posted May 12, 2003

WetFeet has some advice about how to set priorities for your career.

And the CareerJournal has tips on how to deduct job-hunting expenses from your taxes.

Posted May 11, 2003

ABCNews.com has some good tips about discovering your talents.

Posted May 9, 2003

Have you ever thought about working for Uncle Sam? Here's the main jobs page for the federal government.

Posted May 8, 2003

The National Writers Union is initiating a fight against "work-for-hire" contracts offered to freelancers.

There's extensive coverage on the remarks Bill Gates made to newspaper executives in Seattle. "...technology will move more and more people to online reading"

Posted May 6, 2003

College grads are facing a tough job market. Here are some tips to help gain an edge.

How to get through the automated processes that screen your resume.

This is a synopsis of a journalism career path from UC Berkeley.

We've gotten a lot of queries about advertising copywriting as a career.
Here is an article that can explain the careerpath for a copywriter.
Here's another good summation on advertising copywriting that you may find useful.

Posted May 5, 2003

Bill Gates is speaking to newspaper execs and telling them that Microsoft is not their competitor.

Here's a more developed article about his speech to the group.

By the way, if you're ever called into an interview with Microsoft, be prepared to tell them how you would design the man's bathroom.

The Alameda Newspaper Group, which runs five newspapers including the Oakland Tribune, is laying off 7% of its employees, citing the current economy.

The threat of lay-offs looms at the NY Daily News.

Posted May 2, 2003

The help-wanted index from the Conference Board went down during March. It was at 45 last year at this time. Now it's at 38. However, the Rocky Mountain and New England areas are starting to improve.

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