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Encouraging news for one quality magazine.

Posted October 31, 2002

Good article on why the decline of newspapers is leading to lax reporting of local government.

Even so, newspapers are showing some financial strength.

Posted October 30, 2002

Big newspapers are seeing some circulation gains.

An interesting analysis of the financials of Reader's Digest and where it has spent its money recently.

Newspaper editors selected an interactive editor Saturday in the first formal election for an online seat on the Associated Press Managing Editors' board of directors.

Excellent analysis of the consolidation taking place in media and why it may get worse.

Posted October 29, 2002

The author laments that newspapers aren't being read anymore and tries to find out why. If the newspaper goes the way of the Dodo bird it will be due to the methodical learning curve citizens are embarked on, adjusting to the enormous fragmentation and specialization of modern media. The one hope: Citizens will be aggressive in their pursuit of information rather than passive.

It says here that the media has lost $11 billion in ad revenue in the last year. There are some hopeful signs, however, even for magazines and newspapers.

Posted October 25, 2002

The magazine industry is in peril and here are some senior- level thoughts about it. "Staffing levels" are seen as higher than need be in the United States.

Posted October 23, 2002

Another area writers should take a peek at is writing content for wireless devices. Here, the Europeans seem a step ahead of everyone else.

Posted October 22, 2002

Advertisers are using links once reserved for editorial content at CNN. A few question this practice. It raises a few thoughts I've seen drifting through the media world that suggests advertising will become its own media, producing its own magazines and web sites. I suppose we've entered an Era of New Models.

Posted October 17, 2002

Many women in newspaper management plan to change jobs or flee journalism according to this report.

Posted October 16, 2002

An excellent summary of the Aspen Institute Conference on Journalism and Society. It asked the question, "Is Great Journalism Compatible With Business?" The answer, whatever the Institute says, is a resounding no and for this reason. Business can not tolerate the great strength of "great journalism," which is: Total skepticism. The journalist takes the thankless role of total skepticism while business is filled with belief systems, some of them bordering on the superstitious.

A mixed prospect for advertising in this report. Magazines will be down, the Net and TV will be up in 2003.

Posted October 15, 2002

More jobs cuts in media:

Posted October 13, 2002

Newspapers are cleverly and evangelically, moving training centers from town to town.

Posted October 10, 2002

The University of Georgia has come out with its annual survey of entry-level salaries for journalists in all media. I found it interesting that web content jobs pay way more than TV or newspapers. Of course, the survey reflects 2001 rather than this year. Worth looking at.

Posted October 8, 2002

The American Press Institute makes some astute observations about the Net, media, and the future.

The Employment Situation Summary sees little change in September.

An interesting interview with the author of "Bamboozled at the Revolution." He has insightful things to say about the way the Net works and why big media doesn't get it.

This article from Wetfeet is about how to parlay a contract job into a full-time job.

Posted October 7, 2002

Here's a long article on the fading family-owned newspaper. It indicates another interesting conflict that emerges as America gets more consolidated and corporate.

Posted October 2, 2002

Orville Schell has some pointed things to say about the teaching of journalism. He refers to the "paucity of media jobs" available to those who are trained to do excellent journalism.

The Newspaper Guild of Rochester is staging an "informational picket" at the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Posted October 1, 2002

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