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If you have any interest in science writing, look at this article by the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing.

Here's a journalism salary report put out by the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association.

Posted September 18, 2002

The Sunoasis Joblog tries to focus on all aspects of writing and publishing, especially as it relates to careers and employment. We will concentrate on areas of interest raised by people who've asked questions. If you have an area of interest in careers, just drop a note: at the Q and A.

Career Advice from Media Professionals is an excellent introduction to journalism careers in health, medical, and science coverage. It provides tips on applying for jobs and getting experience through internships and field work.

These are remarks by the recruiting and development editor of the Detroit Free Press and are worth studying a bit to get a sense of a full path of development. Things are easier when you can see the beginning, middle, and end, even of a career.

Look for more career advice here at Sunoasis Joblog!

Posted September 17, 2002

Even at the tiny outcropping known as Sunoasis.com, we've felt the media recession. Here's a good summary of it and the impact of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The opinion of one ad executive is that if there is war with Iraq, it will slow down the media recovery.

The publisher and CEO of the Seattle Times has a few words to say about the conglomerate media. Ultimately, the consumer of news determines all of this. Is there a difference between a consumer of news and a responsible, citizen in a democratic culture? Wouldn't the responsible citizen seek out and buy the best sources of news and information? Passive citizens don't build democracies. They let them slip through their fingers.

Posted September 12, 2002

Last year's attack mobilized a lot of people to become online journalists. It also mobilized a lot of rumor, conspiracy, and prophecy.

This article raises the question of what happened to the online newspaper industry? Why is it merely slapped together stories from print and some links?

Here's one innovative thing newspapers are doing. The SF Chronicle is going to provide a service where people download an audio of their favorite content on a CD and play it during the long commute.

Posted September 9, 2002

Here is the latest Employment Situation Summary from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rate of 5.7% unemployment is a five-month low. More importantly, 39,000 new jobs were created last month. And that's the fourth consecutive month for new job creation.

Posted September 6, 2002

An extensive article on how people are moving around looking for a job; where they are moving from, where they are moving to.

This article about magazines is not, in my opinion, encouraging to the development of intelligent content.

Even Rolling Stone has become a hipsters People Magazine.

Posted September 5, 2002

Lawmakers have figured out a new angle to jump into bed with reporters. First, you flirt with them.

Posted September 2, 2002

Here's a sobering story about the current job market and the history of the past six years.

Posted September 1, 2002

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