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Read the latest Help-wanted Index from the Conference Board. "The weakness evident in the economy makes businesses very cautious about aggressive staffing plans..."

A reporter remembers the day his newspaper shut down.

Now, this is a fascinating tale of a guy who is homeless and is producing a popular blog.

Posted March 31, 2003

This article exemplifies the reason Sunoasis Jobs doesn't post resumes. It's a privacy issue and creating more confusion than efficiency. But, read it for yourself.

You know things are rotten when the major job boards are laying people off.

Posted March 27, 2003

List of hot jobs for 2003 outside of the media.

A columnist hits the mark about the ease with which the enthusiastic press can be used for disinformation and propaganda. Look at it very closely. It's not their role to support anything. The commentators are the worst. Some of the reporting from the field has been excellent.

Excellent remarks on the TV coverage of the war in Iraq.

Posted March 26, 2003

Use the hard times to sharpen your sense of career goals.

Posted March 25, 2003

Is job hopping good for your career?

Journalists are being attacked and killed in this conflict.

Despite the fact that some of the reporters appear a bit too enthusiastic being there, the vast majority of people think the media is doing a good job of reporting in Iraq.

Attention is being put on how weblogs are tracking this war; sometimes from inside Baghdad.

Posted March 24, 2003

People have written to the Sunoasis Q and A and asked what the salary range is for particular job titles. This article describes how to address salary when it comes up in an interview.

"Hey, don't shoot me, I'm just the journalist."

Posted March 18, 2003

Here is an excellent article from Employment Review on "The job interview." "People are hired because the interviewer believes they will contribute to the efficiency, growth, or income of the company. They are not hired because they have sleek resumes, years of experience, a pleasant personality, or previously have held positions of responsibility."

Posted March 17, 2003

The columnist raises the question, "can you handle more than one job?"

Are resume software products worth it?

A veteran journalist calls his fellow scribes, "frightened."

Posted March 13, 2003

A story on young media types in New York City, struggling in a tough economy.

Someone actually keeps count of how many new magazines are started each year. 2002? 745, up from 702 in the previous year. Sports and special-interest publications had the most new titles with 66 apiece, followed by crafts, games, hobbies and model-building with 65 total. The startling thing is that nearly 60% never see it through the first year.

Posted March 11, 2003

We always try and keep on top of salaries in the media. Here is a sobering one from the Society of Professional Journalists.

We'll throw this one in as well. It's a more general survey from many professions compiled by Business 2.0

According to Monster.com, there are states where hiring is going up!

This piece has some advice about how to survive a long job hunt. The thing to remember is to use the time well. Find ways to keep your morale up. Don't get discouraged by the worst job market in many years. Stay aggressive and dedicated.

Posted March 10, 2003

Read the latest news from the magazine industry.

Employees-to-be might be interested in what employers think makes a bad hire.

Posted March 5, 2003

Kiplinger.com has an article on how to use job boards, specifically how to post your resume online. A job board can be a resource but is not the end-all, be-all. For one thing, during a period when there are more job seekers than jobs, companies are inundated with resumes. Are they going online to search for resumes? I don't think so. There's been a lot of talk in the recruiter community about how online job searching needs to change. One piece of advice? Don't rely on machines to do all the work.

Posted March 4, 2003

Ah, a new month! Spring! Baseball. Clarity. We definitely look forward to the day when we have good news about the job situation in the media. Jobs do exist. You have to be persistent and aggressive to find them. Don't just stick your resume in somewhere; think through every aspect of the job, the company, the career path you're on, and what you can do to add value to the company that is going to hire you.

Red Herring and 31 staffers bite the dust.

The latest Gallup Poll on the media. 45% think the media is too liberal. When's the last time anyone "comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable?"

Good run-down of blogging It's turning out to be a worthwhile exercise in making the news the enterprise of the individual. At Sunoasis 2003 there are some decent links to stories about blogs. We admit that we blogged before we knew what to call it.

Posted March 3, 2003

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