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Writers and editors have Xmas wishes for each other.

The author laments the passing of the colorful character, marginalized now by the corporate nature of everything.

This article is for those who have written Sunoasis.com asking about book reviewing as a profession. It's becoming a hot area as more books are published with fewer reviewers.

Posted December 30, 2002

The unemployment news is "telling us that we are seeing some marginal improvement in the labor market...Although they are moving in the right direction, they are still not strong enough..."

The U.S. Department of Labor puts out a decent extract of the Writing and Editing profession. It could clear up some questions for people who are thinking about entering the field.

Do you want to be a TV Writer? NBC has put out this briefing on what it takes.

Posted December 27, 2002

The bad days have been felt world-wide. The "recovery" is fragile at best.

The plight of German newspapers illustrates chronic problems world-wide in the newspaper business.

Posted December 23, 2002

Some thoughts about the nature of job hunting in the present world.

Sound advice: Continue job hunting through the holiday season.

Good summary of the Tablet PC and its future. New platforms, new habits, new worlds. The problem, in our time, is that the new becomes old very quickly. In the end, quality wins out.

Posted December 17, 2002

I see where the mayor of my dear hometown has been caught stealing newspapers.It may pale in comparison to the Lott story but drives to the same spot: Politicians have two strikes against them as far as public trust. One stupidity is all it takes to bring them down. Of course, when I lived there they had a murderer as the Waterfront Commissioner and a councilmember was caught shop-lifting.

Excellent example of what devotion can do. Three people effectively run one of the beltways influential magazines. "It's investment banker hours at graduate school pay," alluding to the $14,000 salaries. "But I love working here."

Speaking of magazines, sometimes all it takes is a small non-profit to help a good magazine survive.

Posted December 16, 2002

November was a good month for magazine advertising.

Even judges are having a hard-time with journalists.

Isolated events, like these, often point to a trend that needs to be watched.

Top-of-the-line products for the journalist and her newsroom.

Posted December 11, 2002

Staffers fired right before union vote at Alexandria, VA newspaper. Coincidence?

Projections for the media industry puts growth at 2%-5% in 2003. "Full recovery from the worst ad recession in decades is not likely until 2004..."

This report from the Conference Board says that older workers (50 and over) are staying in their jobs longer. Not that employers want them to. And it points out the necessity to re-invent the job market for those over 50.

Posted December 10, 2002

We're not exactly in the French Revolution but if you want a "let them eat cake," story for our time, here it is.

Some good points raised by the Toronto Star columnist about the Internet getting hog-tied by big media.

The Digital Writer has always insisted that the devotion of people on the Net would, in the long run, outpace the money. Produce on the Net what can't be produced in mass media.

Posted December 6, 2002

The US Govt. has a history (1951-2001) of the National Average Wage Index.

In honor of the many Indian writers and journalists that have used Sunoasis.com here is a very good survey from The Tribune of Chandigarh about job searching, interview techniques, careers, etc. It has excellent tips for anyone.

Posted December 4, 2002

Pessimistic numbers for college grads."The sluggish economy continues to exact a toll on college students looking for their first professional jobs..."

Posted December 2, 2002

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