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Judge's ruling goes against freelancers in Boston.

Posted November 27, 2002

In Africa they blame everything on the journalists.

ABC News has a good article on making career changes.

Posted November 25, 2002

This article contains reasonable tips for freelancers.

Posted November 21, 2002

Poynter Online has a valuable article on time management for writers.

Posted November 20, 2002

Instructive tale for freelancers and other writers about why it's important to get paid upfront.

Posted November 19, 2002

When the war drums beat, even journalists are sent to boot camp.

Why is the chairman of Fox News sending back-channel messages to the White House?

An interesting suit is being brought by a freelance journalist against ABC and Ted Koppel.

Naked News is back after a post-September 11th hand-wringing.

Posted November 18, 2002

An eerie tale of how someone or some company is investigating the investigative journalist.

Common sense questions raised by the new Tablet PC. The article mentions the magic words, "added value."

This story warms the heart of Sunoasis.com. A small, intelligent operation that uses the technology in ways that big money finds difficult.

Posted November 15, 2002

Summing up the hard times of the business press.

Tablet PC and digital magazines. Now we begin to approach publishing in the 21st century.

What is a patriotic journalist?

Posted November 11, 2002

Some comments by the Hurley Chair of Public Affairs Reporting at the University of Missoui, on the state of journalism. "Journalism in America is dangerously threatened, and a decline in America's journalistic health leads directly to a decline in America's civic health."

Posted November 8, 2002

The President of Columbia University is interviewed and makes some astonishing and fresh comments. The last thing journalism needs, however, is "theory." Theory, in the univeristy setting, simply plays into the hands of the prevailing ideology of the campus. In one generation the theory will favor liberals, in the next generation it will favor conservatives.

Better than theory is the new J-lab at the Pew Center. "J-Lab will support newsroom experiments that advance civic participation in the digital arena and spotlight and reward best practices."

Posted November 7, 2002

The Tablet PC is going to debut this Thursday. The one good thing is that, apparently, the device has greater clarity than the computer screen. At $2,000, plus fees for subscribing to a variety of publications, it's going to be a tough sell. Whether or not it's sustained in the consumer market, it probably will lead to greater development.

The American Journalism Review has a good history of magazines in the past 25 years. Buzzword: Specialism. Find a niche and fill it up with everything.

Posted November 4, 2002

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