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According to this story in the USA Today, salary is very much a consideration in the hiring of new people. "Higher benefit costs for employers make it nearly impossible to keep up without laying off higher-paid workers. Meanwhile, the temporary staffing industry is up 11.7% over a year ago."

The Tribune Star in Terre Haute plans to cut 13 part-time positions over the next month.

Baltimore Sun union workers voted to accept the company's contract "under bitter protest"

Posted June 25, 2003

Relocating? This article will help clarify some issues.

Public media companies' ad revenue in May showed retail and help-wanted still soft...

Posted June 24, 2003

It's a prelude to the "free-agent nation." That is, the hiring of virtual interns.

It makes sense when you consider that this is the worst job market for graduates in a long time.

Posted June 18, 2003

In this bad economy, U.S. workers have one more worry: the ability of companies to get global workers at lower wages.

Some advice for those entering their career path.

Posted June 12, 2003

Meet the five guys who are going to control every bit of information that flows through this society. It already smells of corruption and a loss of critical thinking about the world we live in.

U.S. News has laid off 12 people from the editorial side.

Posted June 11, 2003

One of the first signs of freedom in Iraq? They're making and buying lots of different newspapers.

But then, David Carlson explains that newspaper circulation is up in developing countries, down in "mature newspaper markets."

Primedia Business Magazines & Media is closing Coal Age and Engineering & Mining Journal.

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Writers and journalists have take extra precautions these days to make sure they are not accused of plagiarism. It could result in more than a rap on the knuckles.

Posted June 10, 2003

A very interesting survey of the top 20 places to live and work in the U.S. The top three places are college towns: Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC, Madison, WI, and Austin, TX. The survey is from Employment Review.

AskMen.com has some tips on salary negotiation.

Posted June 6, 2003

The New York Times is now publishing the names of freelancers who conduct interviews and provide other material for stories, according to Newsday.

Are layoffs an attempt to block unionization?

As was expected, the FCC rules for media ownership changed. Afterwards there was a lot of congressional opposition. Sen. Byron Dorgan called the decision "dumb and dangerous," and warned it would result in "an orgy" of media mergers.

In fact, a bipartisan group of senators opposed to TV networks expanding their reach say they have the votes to roll back the 45% rule adopted by regulators Monday.

On June 5, 850,000 government jobs, from ticket collectors at national parks to Navy eyeglass makers, are being opened up to the private sector. The changes include dramatically reducing the bidding time, which previously dissuaded many companies from seeking government contracts.

The labor market is still in the doldrums. Jobless claims stayed above the 400,000 per week mark for the month of May, a level that most consider the sign of a weak labor market. Advertising for jobs has also declined, according to the Conference Board.

Posted June 3, 2003

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