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The Hartford Courant says it will eliminate the jobs of 23 employees as the paper continues to struggle with a "significant decline" in revenue.

The new trend of average citizens sending digital images via cell phones to the Internet may impact how "news" will be gathered and distributed in the digital age.
From ABC News

Posted July 29, 2003

52% of respondents to a poll want to change jobs.

And at the same time unemployment claims are down.

That seems to signal more confidence in the economy.

Posted July 24, 2003

According to a survey published in the Atlanta Constitution, "the pay scales of American newspapers --- especially smaller, community dailies --- are woefully out of date. For young journalists, they aren't that much better at larger dailies."

Here's an entertaining list of creative ways people have attempted to get jobs, with varying results.

They are having labor problems at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.

Posted July 23, 2003

According to the Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey reportersí salaries in 2003 experienced the biggest year-to-year gains.

Posted July 18, 2003

Read this before you decide to pay for any sort of career advice.

Interesting article that wonders why the Washington Post is losing subscribers. Could it be it is losing a whole demographic to the Net? At the very least it exemplifies some of the problems traditional papers will have in the coming decades.

Journalists may be exempted from overtime pay rules if they are re-classified as "creative professionals."

Posted July 17, 2003

According to this report, most college journalism and communication programs are a "dumping ground" for ill-prepared students.

While Texas A&M is considering eliminating it's journalism department.

Are resume doctors useful?

Posted July 14, 2003

Fast Company has a series of ideas, good ones, for "making your next move."

Poynter Online has a spirited defense of young journalists.

Posted July 9, 2003

According to the Toronto Star, the U.S. unemployment rate has hit a 10-year high. Ken Mayland, president of ClearView Economics, says, "It would be my bet that we're at the high-water mark."

Posted July 6, 2003

The Scientist has an excellent article on how to negotiate salary and working conditions. Worth reading!

Believe or not, employers are checking the credit rating of new hires to make sure they aren't carrying a big debt.

Posted July 1, 2003

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