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SUNOASIS JOBLOG- November 2003

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Posted November 24, 2003

Here is a must read on the state of jobs for editorial positions in newspapers and magazines.

And in the same issue of CareerJournal.com, it calls magazine salaries, "disappointing." "Writers and editors are earning less money than in the boom times," says Karen Danziger, executive vice president of the Howard-Sloan-Koller Group..."

Posted November 19, 2003

Here are the winners of the 2003 Online Journalism Awards.

Looking for the person who inspires you.

Posted November 18, 2003

The Career Journal has an excellent analysis of the health of magazines which, apparently, is getting better. "The best way for magazine professionals to stay employable is through networking, say recent job hunters."

Posted November 13, 2003

The freelance market is seven percent of the total labor market. It could grow to over ten percent in the next couple of years according to one report. Another survey reveals that 54 percent of workers are confident in leaving their jobs and and becoming part of the free-agent nation.

Posted November 11, 2003

More women are becoming newspaper publishers, according to this article in Editor and Publisher.

Will media partnerships and consolidation mean fewer jobs for writers and journalists?

Posted November 10, 2003

At Sunoasis we advise that job-seekers find the person who will be their boss and get an interview. This article gives some excellent tips on how to do that.

Pittsburgh's Tribune-Review Publishing Co., which employs more than 1,200 people, is cutting staff at its six daily newspapers, in response to sluggish regional economic conditions.

Ad agency Leo Burnett USA has laid off 20 staff members it faces additional pressure to streamline its work.

Posted November 6, 2003

After the biggest U.S. quarterly economic growth spurt in the last 19 years, economists are analyzing what it all means. Many are worried that a number of factors came together to produce the spike, but that underlying trends point to unsustainability.

Posted November 4, 2003

No one in the media industry "feels that we're in the midst of a booming recovery," says Jeff Smulyan, chairman-CEO of Emmis. Industry layoffs are continuing and local advertising remains lackluster.

Posted November 3, 2003

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