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Job market got you down? Try a freelance career.

Posted March 31, 2004

How about a little restoration in the world of journalism?

Posted March 30, 2004

This is a follow-up article to the State of the News Media 2004 report. (See below)

Reporters: Please don't fabricate your stories!

Posted March 23, 2004

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has some good tips on how to crack a tough job market.

Newspaper book reviewers or book editors will be interested in this piece.

Posted March 18, 2004

Make sure you spend some time reading The State of the News Media 2004 put out by journalism.org. They cover every section of the media in a pleasant format.

USA TODAY has an article based on the report. It provokes the thought that the news business is "in the middle of an epochal transformation, as momentous probably as the invention of the telegraph or television..."

Posted March 16, 2004

Want to know how to survive a difficult job search? Great pointers from Helen Scully. quit in Florida over political pressure.

Posted March 11, 2004

An ex-journalist is teaching journalists how to chill out and find balance in their lives.

According to Al Tompkins, the most devasted job market is for teen-agers who are now competing with seasoned, laid-off adults, and immigrants for low-paying work.

Posted March 8, 2004

Business Week has a more complete story on why Reuter's is outsourcing some journalism jobs to India. Reuter's calls it an "experiment," and says that no journalist lost his or her job as a result of this outsourcing. It is interesting to note that Reuter's pays top salaries to entry-level reporters, at least in the U.S.

Interesting advice on how to attract an interview by adding information on your cover letter.

Posted March 5, 2004

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