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Sometimes it's best just to go to an employer unannounced and say, "do you have a job opening?"

Have you ever thought of creating a CD or DVD portfolio for your job search?

In England, they're concerned that local newspapers will not attract new writers without a few changes.

Posted July 30, 2004

Here's an article on thinking and doing, now that you've been hired.

Posted July 23, 2004

I wouldn't be too alarmed by this notice in USA Today, about outsourcing freelance writing jobs to India. The business publication, Business 2.0 outsourced half its August issue. Conclusion: "Quittner says outsourcing is not a threat to people in highly collaborative, creative businesses such as his." Scroll down to get to the article.

The Christian Science Monitor has put out a statement that to cut costs, it has eliminated 21 jobs since the start of 2004.

Posted July 19, 2004

Read the interesting interview with a young freelance writer in Baghdad.

For our English friends, there's an extensive article about on-line training for journalists in Great Britian. It includes useful links.

It's called The Moral Dilemmas of Young Professionals," and worth reading.

Posted July 16, 2004

The Boston Globe has reached an agreement on a five-year contract with members of the Newspaper Guild, Local 31245.

Read about the 2004 Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey. "Incentives for newspaper employees continued to improve after a strong 2003 and salaries experienced modest gains..."

Posted July 13, 2004

Check out the latest Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment Summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. "In May, 280 metropolitan areas recorded lower unemployment rates than a year earlier, 39 areas had higher rates, and 12 areas had rates that were unchanged..."

Rich Heinz of the California Job Journal has an interesting preview of the upcoming "onslaught of a labor shortage."

The sharp New York Observer has some ideas for a boot camp for reporters in NY City.

Posted July 9, 2004

Should outsourcing be factored into your career decisions?

"She also advised would-be writers to go after entry-level staff jobs, such as editorial assistant or fact-checker. To save on the freelance budget, magazines often ask such insiders to extend their workdays well into the evening to write pieces."

According to this story, patience is the key to a job search.

Why not try an intense pre-interview to get you tough for the real deal?

Posted July 5, 2004

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