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CBS MarketWatch plans to hire 37 people and Forbes.com is hiring 40. Can online IPO's be far behind? If you are a business writer this is an important story for you.

Posted April 28, 2004

Women are still struggling for equity in newsrooms.

Posted April 27, 2004

And tell me, do you know your true market value?

Telecommuting is a very popular option. But, it is not the norm as yet.

Posted April 26, 2004

Magazines may or may not be experiencing good times. Advertising has increased for, "...toiletries, cosmetics, financial services, travel, retail, and food. Meanwhile, categories such as drugs, cars, and technology experienced declines."

Wall Street Journal reporters say they find it "demoralizing" that Dow Jones managers "are trying to cut our compensation at the same time they're securing huge pay or bonus increases for themselves."

Posted April 22, 2004

The USA Today has an excellent article on interns and internship. "...you can't bring an (unpaid) intern in and have him do photocopying and an endless number of menial tasks that an enthusiastic gopher would perform," Carrigan says. But that's what many interns do. A huge number of internships, he says, are illegal.

Of course, if the intern sells his press credential he gets fired.

Posted April 20, 2004

Wall Street Journal staffers, angered cuts in health benefits and raises for senior execs, plan to protest at the annual meeting of parent company Dow Jones on April 21.

Is it true, as Bill O'Reilly claims, that "many press outlets are now run by ideologues on a mission. Editors have set journalistic rules on fire."

Why the week-end is so important to your job search.

Posted April 19, 2004

Steps to take to re-enter the workforce.

Are you serious about job searching? Read this article from the California Job Journal.

The top nine interview questions.

Posted April 12, 2004

People love to talk about their very first jobs.

Here's a story about the late Frank del Olmo, the Los Angeles Times associate editor and his influence on Latino journalists.

Posted April 8, 2004

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