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Staffers at Bloomberg are reportedly posting anonymous complaints on ourbloomberg.com, a Web site set up by the Newspaper Guild, which is trying to unionize the news company.

Posted May 25, 2004

USA Today is reporting a signficant rise in employment among states that were lagging behind. "The hemorrhaging is over," says one analysis.

Posted May 23, 2004

Here is a story about online job ad scams. If you have to give up your credit card to get a job, please smell a rat.

According to Erica Salkin, a career services expert in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, prospects in journalism and strategic communications jobs are, "holding steady..."

Posted May 21, 2004

The Folio survey of editor salaries is in and it's extensive. The current trend is job-hopping as more and more editors get a positive feeling about the magazine business.

The story says that magazine publishers are cutting staffs in their ongoing quest to squeeze out profits.

Here's a review on University magazine programs from M10 Report.

Posted May 18, 2004

John Dvorak has a provocative article on the "scams, lies, and cheats," of offshoring U.S. jobs.

We've been reading a lot about reporters fired for making up stories. Here's a sports writer in Sacramento, suing the paper that fired him because he had not attended a game but merely watched it on TV.

Posted May 13, 2004

An excellent article appears at Poynter.org by Chip Scanlan. He describes effective ways to get your clips and resume on-line and send out links to editors, or, whomever is going to hire you. It's a great idea. We encourage writers to do that at Sunoasis.com by taking out a classified ad, putting clips and resume, picture, even, and then sending the link to possible employers.

There's a labor dispute at the Associated Press about the use of freelance staffers.

Speaking of staffers, they seem to have a problem keeping them at Harper's Bazaar.

Posted May 7, 2004

Read about other people who are going through career changes. From the Detroit Free Press.

"The best way to combat bad internships is to make your priorities clear..." The Oregon Daily Emerald has an article on internships.

Posted May 5, 2004

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