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SUNOASIS JOBLOG- September 2004

Belo Corp. is going to cut 250 jobs, primarily at the Dallas Morning News.

Posted September 29, 2004

An interview with the founder of the Columbia Journalism Review and author of a new book on the journalism department at Columbia. "Even after all these years, there is still a surplus of journalism majors. Journalism majors are usually terribly grateful to have a job anywhere." His explanation for why entry-level wages are so low for the journalist.

According to this human resources consultant, "The unemployed, the over-aged, the recent graduate with no experience, and the candidate interested in changing careers all simply have to work a little harder on their own behalf." She dismisses the use of recruiters in the media industry.

Here are some basic tips on, How to be a Writer.

Here's a very provocative article on "New Truths in a Changing Workplace," by Marilyn Moats Kennedy.

Posted September 27, 2004

The Wall Street Journal is adding a week-end edition, and hiring 150 people, mostly in the news department.

Posted September 16, 2004

Newsday will not, apparently, cut jobs but it's still an option. "It's too early to say," says a Newsday spokesman.

An appeals court has reinstated 23 class-action lawsuits brought by more than 150 writers who alleged that television networks and others have discriminated against those over age 40.

If you need advice on writing a cover-letter, here it is.

A Scotland newspaper reports on outsourcing jobs to India. It's an interesting perspective since it's thought the U.S. is leading the way in this. It's also a good subject for freelance writers to develop stories about.

Posted September 15, 2004

The Miami Herald has an article about "first impressions" on the job. They count and you should know some of the techniques on how to make a good one.

Here's good advice from the California Job Journal. No matter how bad it gets, take a good attitude with you to the interview.

Posted September 14, 2004

Are you interested in six-figure jobs? Included in this article is a summary of medical writing. "Medical writers in the pharmaceutical industry may start out making $75,000 a year, but can top $100,000 after three or four years..."

Magazine publisher Gruner + Jahr USA is said to be laying off staffers and freezing open positions. The moves follow a previously announced cost-cutting goal by new CEO Russell Denson. (Requires registration with AdAge.com)

Posted September 10, 2004

Who are the fastest growing employment demographic? People over 55 who are being sought because of "better productivity, less need for costly and time-consuming training, the ability to mentor, and less likelihood of job hopping..."

Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun Times writes an amusing column about gifts he's been offered as a member of the media. He does make some serious points however. And I confess someone sent me a teddy bear one time that I still have on my desk. But, as far as I can tell, it hasn't effected any major decision I've made at Sunoasis.com.

Posted September 2, 2004

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