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It's true that the Conference Board's help-wanted advertising index is down a point. That measures help-wanted ads in newspapers. As we know, there are other sources of help-wanted ads. It's also related to the story below, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Posted August 31, 2004

If you are a journalist student, especially in NY City, read this article about changes going on in journalism and journalism school.

Not so fast, Reuters! The Newspaper Guild of New York may take them to court for outsourcing editorial jobs to India.

There was an interesting story in the SF Chronicle about the fact that job statistics can't be counted on because more than a few people have dropped out and started their own businesses. It explains why payroll jobs in July were stagnant and yet the unemployment rate went down. The Census Bureau says that over 17 million Americans are non-employee business owners.

Says one economist, "What we're experiencing over the past three years wasn't really a recession. We're in the midst of a new economy." Does that make you feel better?

Posted August 30, 2004

According to the Times of India, "Britain's media sector will lose 4,000 jobs within 10 years, thanks to offshoring."This is going to become a growing story. The article points out that the New York Times is outsourcing some of its "publishing components."

Posted August 26, 2004

The University of South Carolina is creating a visual communications major in its journalism department. Growth in this area is said to be above average for the next six years.

Posted August 25, 2004

Use the concept, “Six degrees of separation,” to start your contact list.

Even pros will plagiarize under stress.

Posted August 24, 2004

CollegeJournal.com has some starting salaries for graduates. Journalism doesn't fare all that well. It's not the money.

Posted August 20, 2004

This is a commentary from the Khaleej Times of the United Arab Emirites,on "good journalism."

Making the leap into a new job can do wonders for happiness.

Posted August 18, 2004

A journalist writes about the why's and why not's of relocating.

According to the NY Post, the Associated Press is so constrained by budget, the "AP has started requiring some staffers to pay for their own subscriptions to newspapers and magazines."

Posted August 13, 2004

You should figure out how much you're worth. Hint: It's not about how much you made in your last job.

Posted August 12, 2004

Dow Jones & Co. says its main union has approved a new contract covering 1,600 employees after a bitter labor dispute that had spurred a byline strike at its Wall Street Journal.

Reuters plans to move more of its editorial operations to Bangalore, India, according to an internal memo. A Reuters spokeswoman says the affected jobs will be "a maximum of 20."

"Editors are like baseball managers. They are hired to be fired," says the newly deposed editor of the Detroit Metro Times.

Posted August 10, 2004

There are going to be large cuts in staff at G+J USA Publishing, publisher of YM, Fitness and Family Circle magazines.

The celebrity as journalist.

Posted August 9, 2004

Poynter Online has an extensive study about managers in newsrooms; their strengths and weaknesses. It's for anyone who wants to be a boss or works for a boss. The report suggests that the greatest failure of current managers is that of "not leading the people."

The Gotham Gazette writes about that superb newspaper town, New York City. "...the newspaper and periodical industry employed 53,100 employees as of May 2002."

Posted August 3, 2004

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