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Are you interested in being an editor? The Occupational Information Network has a great summary report on what kind of tasks, skills, abilities, etc. are required for a variety of editing positions.

Posted September 28, 2005

As we have mentioned at the Digital Writer one of these days Yahoo, Google, or eBay is going to start hiring its own original writers. Yahoo, according to the Wall Street Journal, has hired nine business columnists to write for the pure internet company. They plan to hire up to 30 writers. This is important in that it will begin a shift, however small, from traditional publishing to the digital system until the tipping point arrives.

Posted September 26, 2005

Good advice on writing the cover letter to go with the resume.

Another newspaper down: This time it's the Birmingham Post-Herald, a part of the Scripps chain. 43 editorial staff members will be out of work after today. Scripps will try to find positions for the staff within its family of papers.

Read the CJR Daily summary of the bad times for newspapers. It's "The Week of The Long Knives."

Posted September 23, 2005

The New York Times and Boston Globe are going to cut their editorial staffs over the next several months. This is in response to the weak advertising revenue for media companies.

However, Gannett says it will not cut newsroom staff and say they monitor staffing continuously.

Posted September 22, 2005

We get questions about writing and travel. Read the award winners from this year's Lowell Thomas Awards at the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation.

More newspaper buyouts: Now it's the Philadelphia Inquirer. The memo indicates the awful shape American newspapers are in. There doesn't seem to be any area of growth. And I think it's a shame because when a newspaper is good, there is nothing better. There is a communal spirit of intelligence in a newspaper that I have yet to see on the Net. But then, the whaling industry was a storied one, too, before the discovery of oil.

Posted September 20, 2005

The San Francisco Chronicle is offering buy-outs for over 200 writers and journalists. The article, from Editor and Publisher, is an intriguing insight into the economy of newspapers.

Know thyself? Find out how to assess yourself truthfully and therefore present your best self to a potential employer.

Posted September 16, 2005

I consult the Ask Annie column at Fortune occasionally. She has good advice about how to use the telephone when calling for jobs. It's considered one of the toughest acts to perform when looking for a job.

Are unions good for newspapers or not so good? Opinions vary depending on who you represent. The writer or journalist as a union member always rings false for some reason. I can see the printers or carriers as part of unions. I used to belong to the union that now represents journalists and.....well......I sincerely hope it has improved.

Posted September 13, 2005

Outside Online has an article on "working for keeps." How people have combined work and passion for what they like to do. In other words, the perfect free-agent.

Posted September 7, 2005

Writer Erika Dreifus has compiled a nifty set of links on "Emergency Resources for Writers." Worth taking a look at.

Read all about the mergers of the global magazine publishing world. Or, as the author puts it, "The global carveout."

According to Steve Outing of the Poynter Institute, The Times-Picayune's web site, NOLA, is calling for "skilled producers who want to work for us on a temporary basis." That includes freelance writers to help cover the natural disaster along the Gulf.

Posted September 6, 2005

Rodale's Organic Style magazine will shut down after a four-year run. Thirty-eight staffers will be let go.

Katrina has made a mess of things. And the old, venerable Times-Picayune of New Orleans is struggling to stay alive.

And Newsday is going to cut editorial positions, mostly in New York City.

Posted September 2, 2005

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