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How prestigious is your job? According to the public poll, if you are a teacher or fireman you have plenty of prestige. But, a journalist? Look out.

Posted June 24, 2005

The esteemed Richard Bolles has a detailed article on the things that successful job seekers do. Excellent advice. He makes the observation that most of us will seek jobs five or six times in our worklife.

Check out the Chicago Tribune's Top 50 Magazines. A decent freelance writer should lock this list away and aim for a few of the pages available.

Posted June 23, 2005

The Voice of America is about to move operations overseas according to the Chicago Tribune. Law makers and labor unions are quite upset.

I was sorry to see the Las Vegas Sun go down since they ran the first paid ad on Sunoasis back in 2000.

Do you really want to work in the newsroom of a newspaper? I suggest reading this account in the Milwaukee Magazine.

Older Americans are going to be utilized more and more in the coming years.

Posted June 21, 2005

I hate to throw a gloom and doom scenario out there but this opinion piece in the Baltimore Chronicle by Paul Craig Roberts says things about outsourcing that need to be said. Americans need to wake up and understand some of the dynamics at play in the world today. He points to two or three basic reasons why there is a shift of economic power from west to east. One is the fall of communism that has released millions of workers to the global workforce. And the other is high-speed internet access in 3rd world countries. Personally, I'd rather see more of these stories than Michael Jackson stories.

Posted June 16, 2005

Sunset magazine is offering to buyout all 55 people on its editorial staff. According to the story the purpose is not to cut staff but to shake things up. The article predicted as few as five staffers will take the offer.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a legal guide for bloggers that could prove useful to any journalist or writer.

Posted June 15, 2005

This article makes the excellent point that your resume has demonstrated your work skills, but the interview says what kind of person you are. Follow a few simple rules!

We've tried to follow outsourcing as it relates to the writing profession. This article delves into the long-term impact, generally, and how workers are going to have to adapt.

Posted June 14, 2005

There's been a lot of talk about the health of newspapers. They say that the Christian Science Monitor is on life-support and will turn to the Net to revive it.

We don't say, as this article does, that the Net is the worst place to find a job. But it is only one part of the mix in finding a job. Make sure you look at our JobSearch page.

Here's a sad tale of a young writer who feels the pressure to win the awards and succeed.

The San Francisco Chronicle may lay-off 10% of its labor force, according to this report. The union contract is expiring soon and the Chron has been losing money. It should be noted that the last contract was signed after a two-week strike in the mid-90's. Among those who went on strike (for good) were the founders of Salon.

Posted June 9, 2005

According to the Wall Street Journal, corporations are hiring bloggers full-time to man business web sites.

Posted June 6, 2005

MediaBistro has done an extensive survey on salaries for writers. It's sectioned off by region and covers every type of publication, advertising, etc. Take a look.

So, the last thing you want to do is go on a job interview. One solution is to reward yourself. Here's a nice list of rewards to keep you going.

Posted June 2, 2005

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