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Here's the sad story of the Dallas Morning News and the aftermath of scandal and lay-offs last October.This story, from the American Journalism Review, paints a very clear picture of the human toll of "downsizing."

A veteran journalist writes about "mentoring the young" and it's hard to argue with him.

Posted March 28, 2005

Here's a very useful article on "going solo" and taxes. I hadn't even heard of the Solo 401(K) plan until I read this.

Posted March 23, 2005

Read about the on-going saga at the BBC. Journalism.co.uk is the single best site to keep up on journalism in Britian.

U.S. Reuters journalist's are on a by-line strike to protest against the off-shoring of editorial jobs and to protest hefty raises to executives.

Rich Heinz of the California Job Journal presents some basic building blocks in your job search. Very good advice!

Posted March 22, 2005

According to Business Week, the job market is shifting in favor of the employee. One indication of this is the spike in people leaving jobs for new opportunities.

The Boston Herald is said to be considering cutting down the size of the paper, reducing staff or narrowing its coverage area, in an attempt to cut costs.

The Paris Review has named Philip Gourevitch, a staff writer for The New Yorker, as its new editor.

Staff is leaving at celebrity magazine In Touch. Eight people have left in the past few weeks and seven of those have moved over to Inside TV.

BBC staffers say they are ready to strike after rumors of another job cut, this time it's 1,500 jobs. Just last week the BBC announced that 1,730 jobs would be cut.

Posted March 18, 2005

In this month's Sunoasis X 2005 we talked about legal quandaries writers need to be aware of. It was a survey and believe it to be useful. To see a quandary in action check out the settlement Gary Condit won from writer Dominick Dunne about the 2001 disappearance of intern Chandra Levy.

Posted March 15, 2005

Here's another report on the demise of the newspaper, this time from the Toronto Star. They always bemoan the loss of "credible reportage on events and issues critical to an informed citizenry in a democracy..." That concern doesn't factor in the move of a critical mass of reporters, editors, copy editors to a more digital format. I could see a cash-heavy site like Google going to the staff at the NY Times and hiring half of them to do their reporting on behalf of Google. The intense focus should be on how journalism can improve in a digital format.

If you are interested in these questions go on over to the 2005 State of the Media report put out by Journalism.org.

The New York Post has a portrait of salaries in Manhattan. If you are an entertainer, big bucks. If you are a teacher, forget it.

Posted March 14, 2005

If you want a decent run-down of possible reforms in the newsroom look at the Morph blog from the API. The key is something predicted by futurists the last several decades. The movement from a mass to a niche-driven culture where the most venerable institutions are the last to figure it out. Newspapers for instance.

Posted March 8, 2005

The Occupational Information Network presents an array of resources, including a good summary of job titles. Check these out:
Creative Writers

If you lose a job perhaps the worst thing you can do is worry about it. Advice from the California Job Journal.

Posted March 7, 2005

We get questions from high school students about the profession of journalism. This site is sponsored by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) and gets students involved in thinking about journalism. Check it out.

The Detroit Free Press runs one of the best pages on how to get jobs in journalism. Use it!

Newspapers may be an endangered species, it's impossible to predict. And journalism is going through a sea-change without question. But there will always be a profession that collects facts, interviews principle actors in a story, and presents that story on behalf of the free people.

One possibility: As "big media" merges editorial with advertising; news with entertainment, new, startling types of digital journalism will emerge, presaged by blogging, that will scatter the seeds for a renewal of public journalism we don't see now.

Posted March 3, 2005

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