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Abbott Langer & Associates produced a salary survey last year for the publishing industry. In the survey the president of a publishing company averages about $170,000 in compensation, while the acquisition editors make around $60,000. Copy editors come in at $44,400 a year, just above production editors. Take a look at the survey summary. The whole report costs $750.

Posted May 27, 2005

The NY Times will cut 24 newsroom jobs according to this report.

Posted May 25, 2005

The way I understand it, The Enquirer has imported British editors and staffers to run the publication. This has allowed the American staffers to invoke a labor law that prohibits the hiring of foreign workers if domestic workers are available.

There's a decent discussion in Business Week on the future of being a journalist. Prepare.

Posted May 23, 2005

Have you ever wanted to be a travel writer? Read this story from Davis, CA

Here is some sound advice on that difficult critter known as rejection.

Posted May 20, 2005

The writer takes a lesson from Isaac Asimov about doing the unexpected.

Europe has a surge of free newspapers and the people like them.

Posted May 16, 2005

The professor recommends internships for students and we agree. As one student says, ""Life is all about advertising yourself. It's not just about getting the internship, but it's also about building a network."

Posted May 13, 2005

Wired will now require contact information from freelance writers for all unamed sources in stories. This as a consequence of one frequent contributor.

Journalism.co.uk has an article on "parenting and freelancing," with stories and tips.

Posted May 10, 2005

While I support a lot of the enthusiasm for "new journalism," I question some of what Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist.org is proposing. I think his critique is OK but the vision that "legions of volunteers act as writers, assignment editors and fact checkers to challenge mainstream journalists," rings false. It would be much wiser if Mr. Newmark took some of his internet largesse and hired "legions of professional writers, assignment editors and fact checkers," at wages double what they get at traditional publications and give them whatever freedom and visionary guidance they lack. Why would any self-respecting writer, assignment editor, or fact checker volunteer his time and talent for internet millionaries?

Posted May 9, 2005

There must be a few Sunoasis regulars who are interested in blogging and, even, making some money from blogs. We've written about them in Sunoasis X and The Digital Writer. The article by Charles Arthur is pretty even-handed and outlines some of the ways bloggers are making money.

Close to an interview? Here's some advice about how to prepare in the last, precious moments before one.

Posted May 5, 2005

More than a few people have written Sunoasis.com and asked, "What does an editor do exactly?" Well, here's one man's story; he's the editor of the Rocky Mountain News.

Posted May 3, 2005

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