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Read this extensive article on outsourcing journalism jobs to India. It was published in the Global Journalist Magazine and deserves some attention. Reuter's rationalizes it as a way to "free up our journalists" to focus on value-added activities like interviewing. From the employee's standpoint, it is a blatant use of cheap labor to depress wages and save money. You decide.

Posted April 29, 2005

The New York Daily News is preparing its employees for bad news. The newspaper business is, in general, very confused and worried about the future. It is not confident.

Posted April 28, 2005

The Harvard Business School has tips about how to negotiate a salary raise.

Posted April 25, 2005

Hell hath no fury as an intern scorned.

FreelanceRights.com is the ASJA site for those who feel their work was put online without compensation. The ASJA won an $18 million settlement.

Posted April 22, 2005

Note to wannabe journalists: Things are prickly in newsrooms these days, with editors checking sources and facts. If they find problems, "You're Fired!"

The publisher of Forbes talks about the growing movement of people from jobs in big cities, to jobs in smaller towns. Think hi-tech communications revolution. I think a lot of the free-agent nation already has.

Here are some hints on choosing a career.

Posted April 20, 2005

Are you a writer or journalist fascinated by the new ways writers are making money on-line? This article from the Online Journalism Review will clue you in.

Posted April 13, 2005

There's more concern over U.S. editorial jobs going overseas, according to Indiantelevision.com."The Newspaper Guild of New York's charge is that offshoring US-based editorial jobs violates its contract with Reuters. The case will be heard before an independent arbitrator, whose decision is binding."

You might like to know that journalists have the fourth sexiest job according to this survey of 5,000 people. Number one are firefighters.

The Executive Editor of the Seattle Times writes about the "painful cuts" made recently at the newspaper.

Are you really cut out for telecommuting? This article from ComputerUser.com investigates the pros and cons.

Posted April 8, 2005

Last week the National Enquirer laid off much of its editorial staff as the tabloid published its first issue from its new base in New York City. Four out of the existing 49-person staff were kept on.

Posted April 6, 2005

There's a shakeup of staff at Publishers Weekly. It invariably occurs after a new editor comes aboard.

Wharton has a pretty good analysis of blogs and their impact on journalism. They conclude there will be a peaceful co-existence; with blogs being new kind of fact-checking and professional journalism doing the investigative reporting.

Posted April 4, 2005

Read this in-depth report on journalism from the San Antonio Current. "In 2003, the number of students enrolled in journalism and communications programs around the country reached an all-time high, even though, for the same year - and three years prior - the median entry-level pay remained an uninspiring $26,000, and only half of all graduates with a bachelor's degree found employment in the field."

Posted April 1, 2005

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