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A veteran of the freelance writing life speaks out. He's leaving the fold and here are the reasons.

Time, Inc. has frozen hiring and cut down on travel expenses by employee's. Time, Inc. is the publisher of many magazine titles including Fortune, People, Time and Sports Illustrated.

Posted August 29, 2005

Writers in Los Angeles are suing a reality program for overtime wages. The story, in the LA Times, doesn't make working in television appear very glamorous.

Posted August 25, 2005

Are you into magazines and their editors? Are they stars? Check out the NY Sun article.

Read an analysis of "celebrity magazines," and how they've grown into a bubble-sized entity ready to burst.

Posted August 24, 2005

Baby-boomers should be cognizant that more and more companies, including newspapers, are buying out their contracts and hoping they go on. It is a classic manuever in business: Hire young people at half the salary and work them twice as hard. I have heard of this happening in many industries. Come, join the free-agent nation!

Posted August 23, 2005

Look at the extensive 2004 Annual Survey of Journalism and Mass Communications Graduates put out by the University of Georgia. One in five graduates, according to the survey, who found jobs are writing or editing on web sites. Medium salary? $27,800. The survey includes valuable comments by recent graduates about obtaining jobs in media.

Posted August 19, 2005

Are you a woman who wants to make as much or more money than a man? Try these tips.

According to this report, moms are going to be returning to the workforce as the baby boomers retire.

Posted August 17, 2005

Here are some do's and don'ts when it comes to the job interview.

Posted August 16, 2005

What gives a job prestige? Pay or Service to the larger community? It appears service does the trick. But then, why isn't journalism or writing seen as a service to the community? It's like air and water; you take it for granted until it is no longer there. Ask those who live in totalitarian societies.

Posted August 9, 2005

Steven Vincent was killed in Iraq yesterday. He exemplifies why freelance writers are a cut above in that their independence is driven by passion. Reading this story, does it sound like Iraq is preparing for a sterling democracy?

Here's a provocative column from Forbes.com. The author gives us his four types who will dominate media in the coming years. He mentions editorial pros, commerical pros, amatuers, and mixmasters. He's speaking, of course, of one segment of journalism, opinion-making. He says nothing to the actual practice of journalism. In fact, the actual nuts and bolts of journalism are rarely mentioned when there is a discussion of this sort.

There are large shake-ups at American Media, Inc., including the editors of Shape and Muscle & Fitness.

Posted August 4, 2005

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