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The CareerJournal.com has an excellent article on jump-starting a job hunt. With it comes a generous amount of links in the major categories of resumes, networking, searching online, writing a cover letter, preparing for an interview, and how to negotiate. This article will help anyone, writer or editor, sharpen her focus.

Some resources worth checking out:

Making Valuable Freelance Contacts Online.
Contract Employee's Handbook. It says a few nice things about Sunoasis Jobs and is a splendid reference for anyone who is going solo.

Posted January 27, 2006

Tip:One of the best ways to get a job, writing or not, is through employee referral. The whole process of deciding to hire someone comes down to trust. It's difficult to establish trust. But if a trusted employee recommends a friend the employer will often put that referral at the top of the list. Editors will work with writers recommended by other writers they have happily worked with. So, when looking for a writing assignment or a job, in or out of the writing profession, drop a note to friends on the inside and tell them what you are looking for.

We got a question the other day about cover letters. I always tell people, "It's one of the most important pieces of writing you will do." It is the writerly form of the "first impression." Here are some articles to help you develop cover letters:

Todd Pierce's 11 Tips.
The Cover Letter Made Easy by Liana Metal.
Cover letter writing blues by Sylvia Van Nooten.

Posted January 24, 2006

Tip:Do you want to write for magazines? Show the person doing the hiring your enthusiasm for, not simply the magazine you are applying at, but the industry itself. It is a unique, historic industry. Go read a book like The Magazine From Cover to Cover by Johnson and Prijatel and understand magazines as a particular structure of communication with a unique legacy.

Two terrific articles about the art and craft of writing:

Posted January 19, 2006

Tip: Believe it or not, even the most conscientious writer will mess up an interview by getting lost on the way. Take some time to go to MapQuest and print it out, visualize the way to get there, even take a practice run a day or two before the interview. There's nothing worse than being late for a job interview. You should also check the traffic on the local news website.

Speaking of interviews here are helpful interviews with freelance writers, from Absolute Write.

And since the freelance writer sets up his or her own fees a link to do that very thing.

Posted January 17, 2006

Tip: Don't write just one resume, write one for each type of job you want to apply for. This is relatively simple to do on computers. Just cut and paste sections as you need and tailor the resume to each company or job. Remember that each publishing company, each publication, each business that you want to work for has different needs it's trying to fill. Find out what those are and tailor your resume accordingly.

Time management tips from editors.
Very good tips for writers who run their own business.
The Occupational Information Network has a great summary report on what kind of tasks, skills, abilities, etc. are required for a variety of editing positions.

Posted January 11, 2006

TIP: Human Resources Departments are there to filter out as many job applicants as they can. Research the company you want to work for. Find the person who will be your boss and contact them directly. Throwing a resume on a heap of resumes is going to result in a lot of frustration. Show the person who is going to hire you a bit of guts and ingenuity.

Writers always try to improve their relation to the craft of writing. What follows are excellent links to the writing craft:

In journalism there is the infamous nut graf used to synthesize the significance of the article early on. Some writers hate them; editors usually insist on them.
This article on structure in writing is valuable.
Leads, Nut Grafs, Bodies, End, Headlines.
Advice on nut grafs and other edifying advice for your writing.
Bob Baker's News Thinking. Impressive run-down on the nuts and bolts of non-fiction writing.

Posted January 9, 2006

TIP: Before you go to that interview, whether it is for a copywriting job, staff writing job, copy editing job, or any writing job remember to leave these impressions with the interviewer:

  • I am a trustworthy person who can work with little supervision.
  • I have some rare experiences tucked inside my career path.
  • I am a self-starter. I'm going to act in a positive way to get valuable things done for the company that hires me.

Perhaps it's writer's block that has you down. Use the wonderful resources below to unblock yourself:
Article on writer's block in New Yorker Magazine..
How to overcome writer's block from Page Wise..
Jamie Walker has some excellent things to say about the condition..
How to get rid of writer's block..

Posted January 4, 2006

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