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A professor gives his accounting of what is going on in the media these days. He sees the convergence of print and digital. "If I was a reporter for the paper, I'd take a quick course in writing the 30-second broadcast version, because there's a gold mine waiting out there."

The practice of journalism is defended (sort of) by a member of the profession who says that of the 55 high school students enrolled in his newspaper's journalism programs only one plans to go into newspapers.

A Nieman Watchdog commentary looks at the fact the media has become more biased because opinion sells more and can be targeted to specific demographics. Interesting reading.

Posted October 26, 2005

Is any career really safe? No. Read the advice of one who has been there.

We don't offer resume services for a variety of reasons. One of them is that resumes are an easy prey for con artists who will try and extract valuable information from someone who believes the resume has drawn interest from a company. It's best to actively protect your identity and avoid as much automated process as you can. Deal directly with an employer and you'll avoid some of the darker aspects of the internet.

For all the pessimism toward the newspaper industry it still hauls in $59 Billions per year and employs 54,000 people. The Public Editor of the Sacramento Bee has some opinions about it.

Another threat to broadsheet newspapers and journalism is the advent of the free paper.

Posted October 18, 2005

From Public Relations News comes a report on ten media trends to watch out for. These include blogging, digitizing of print media, and more transparency in the news room.

Do you have a presentation or interview coming up? This article from AskMen.com is about seven "body language killers," and how to correct them.

Are today's journalism students just hungry for money? Many journalism professors think so and are distressed about it. "I don't mean to overstate this, but I worry about the future of democracy," one retired professor (said). "If our journalists don't challenge the abuse of power, who will?"

Here are ten young journalists who are making a difference, according to the Boston Phoenix.

Posted October 13, 2005

U.S. News and World Report is the latest editorial entity laying off staff. In this case it's 10 writers, including some prominent names. U.S. News is going to focus more on its online publication.

We've started using feeds from Indeed.com to continually update writing job postings. Check it out and tell us what you think. Thanks!

Posted October 6, 2005

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