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Here's a useful switch. A guy writes an ad for freelance writers and then assesses the results. If you apply to some of these blogging or online ads from Craigslist and other places you might want to read this.

Posted May 30, 2007

Young people usually have more of the optimistic energy that can weather, if not exploit the turmoil in the internet years.

"These students are young, and I'm not sure they're particularly concerned or cognizant of the industry's problems," Kirkton said. "I think they just expect a lot of change in their lives and that if they go out of here with a good skill set, particularly the ability to communicate well, that they're going to find a place in life."

This is a very good survey of the dynamic being played out between students, newspapers, and journalism.

Posted May 29, 2007

Sunoasis.com is making more an effort to include "blogging gigs" to its list of job leads. The uppermost question is, "can blogs make money?" and this article from the U.K. features a guy trying to develop an ad network for sites that have some intelligent content.

"Writing about culture is a sure way to lose - blogs about celebrities, sport and the smallest technology micro-niches will outperform any blog dedicated to art, design or literature, something that has an effect on advertising revenue."

He's trying to rectify the situation. It's an example of the "long tail," and looks classy to me.

Posted May 26, 2007

Robin Raskin has some pointers and links for the post-graduate job hunt.

You could stay on campus and do a variety of jobs as well.

Posted May 24, 2007

A writer tells her tale of being a freelancer of the world.

Posted May 21, 2007

Barbara Ehrenreich speaks her mind, as she contemplates the movement of editorial off-shore.

Posted May 17, 2007

The California Job Journal verifies that college degrees make a difference. What type of writer will be in demand? Public relations specialists.

Posted May 15, 2007

Journalism students will want to read this report from the University of Georgia. In it recent grads talk about why they got into journalism and where they are employed. "Despite revenue and circulation problems, job cuts, and budget slashing in many newsrooms, 73% percent of 2005 print journalism graduates found full-time employment in their industry. That was the highest percentage in six years and a four-point increase over 2004."

One thing the students mention is the need to shore up the art of interviewing. Sunoasis.com has some very good links on the subject.

Posted May 10, 2007

Is there an art to the online resume? Well, there is the skill of knowing what "keywords" are and how to use them.

Don't forget in the frenzy of finding keywords, to make the best resume you can. Key: Emphasize the results you've generated from previous jobs.

Posted May 7, 2007

The independence of the writing voice, even at a newspaper, is valued by one columnist. I'm afraid this article points to a possible future path newspaper will take.

Posted May 3, 2007

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