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The troubled Santa Barbara News-Press is getting rather confrontational. In previous episodes there have been complaints about new ownership and the wholesale quit by editors. Now staff is trying to get unionized and are calling on News-Press subscribers to help them out.

If you do plan to work on a newspaper look at this story from Editor and Publisher. Every year newspapers get a confidential report on salaries in the newsroom. Beginning reporters earn less than $30,000 and sports editors get around $50,000. The one area of note is the 8% leap in salary among web editors of newspaper sites.

Do you know the difference between job-hopping and versatility? "An individual with a job history showing several job experiences can be very attractive to an employer. A diverse background says that you have vast experience and shows your value from having worked under different systems and structures."

Posted July 28, 2006

People are tempted to lie on their resumes. It's not a good practice for a variety of reasons. Read these tips from Michael Kinsman on how to enhance your resume without cheating. He points out that lying on a resume is taking a huge, unnecessary risk because the resume is not going to get you hired. It's going to get you into the interview room with other candidates.

Posted July 21, 2006

There are questions and questions about how to charge fees as a contract writer. This article, from Writer's Market, is an excellent place to start if you are confused about it.

Another very resourceful article comes from David Taylor who writes about "hidden markets." These ideas will stimulate any writer who finds him or herself stuck.

Posted July 19, 2006

I just discovered a new journalism site called Sharesleuth.com. This is soliciting freelance writers who know how to investigate business and the stock market. It looks like their overall goal is to prevent another Enron from happening. It has the backing of Mark Cuban.

A lot of stories are emerging about the state of newspaper newsrooms in the wake of the "crisis in journalism." One disturbing quality emerges; veteran, professional, dedicated journalists are not happy with new ownership. Just a passing, anecdotal observation.

Posted July 13, 2006

Have you ever thought of writing a blog? This website will give you pointers about "what a reader wants from a writer."

Posted July 10, 2006

I've gotten a lot of questions about sending a package of clips to an editor. Read this summation of things to do. "Use a clear plastic binder to organize the cover letter, resume and clips, in that order."

Are you interested in becoming a columnist? Read some of the results of this survey from Editor and Publisher. Freelancers get an average of $50 per column they write.

Posted July 6, 2006

I hope the holidays went well for you! I was glad that the shuttle got to space safely. Speaking of positive, no matter how many times it's said, having a positive attitude is a must for getting the job you want. And that most especially applies to the interview.

Posted July 5, 2006

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