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We've noted a lot of layoffs in the newspaper industry over the past few years. Now, some ex-employees of the Dallas Morning Star are suing the paper, saying their layoffs were "age discrimination."

One thing we have learned, whatever the merits of this case: Age discrimination is alive and well. Age discrimination is very hard to prove. This practice has been going on for years in the corporate world. Who wouldn't hire a less expensive employee who will work twice as hard? That is the attitude of the corporation. And corporations own newspapers, magazines, and book publishers. So writers and editors are very much implicated.

Posted October 26, 2006

I recommend students to read this article by Liam Dillon. The young man needed a job and chronicles his adventure. And you need to view it as an adventure and come to each part of the adventure with enthusiasm.

I don't think, though, that I would apply with the San Jose Mercury. The memo, from Romenesko, is instructive as to the reasons why layoffs happen. The price of paper for instance.

Posted October 20, 2006

I was at a wedding recently and at least two guys over 55 years old were complaining about what they were going to do as they neared retirement. Why not start a new business? It makes sense on several levels, not the least of which it is a stimulating way to enter a new phase of development.

Of course, any writer is in business for themselves so the article can be useful for those pursuing that profession.

Posted October 19, 2006

Blogs, as we've noted before, are becoming fully integrated into the practice of journalism. If you haven't tried it yet get a blog and get some experience.

I got a question from a young woman the other day. She was very frustrated because she had graduated from journalism school, had sent out 50 resumes and had not gotten a job yet. This article by John Challenger is excellent for first-time job seekers who need to think strategically.

Posted October 10, 2006

A business journalist describes how bad business writing is today.

Big news is covered by fewer and fewer full-time journalists according to a new book out called The American Journalist in the 21st Century

Posted October 9, 2006

Ever wonder how to price your job skills in the marketplace? This example from the K.C. Star has to do with copy writing.

Good news! Some 73% of 2005 print journalism-school graduates found full-time employment by last October, says a study from the University of Georgia. More than 30% of all 2005 J-school grads do "writing or editing for the Web."

Posted October 4, 2006

If new employees knew how willing hiring managers are to negotiate salaries they might go for it.

Will robots take over journalism?

Annie over at Fortune has a list of the best 50 companies for those over 50.

Posted October 3, 2006

I often get questions about jobs but what I want to say is said best by this career/life coach on the difference between a "job" and a "career."

Have you ever wondered how to become a professional business blogger?

I've run into the question about how to prepare a quote for your freelance services. Read the article and learn about it.

Posted October 2, 2006

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