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The Holidays cut deep into productivity; the desk and computer are the last things we want to see between Thanksgiving and New Years. This time of year always turn out to be productive, though, since it's a natural period to plan and reflect.

These are two very productive attributes and are necessary for the success of any career.

What goals will you set up for 2007? How do those goals fit in with your long-term goals? Where are you in your career path? What did you achieve in 2006? What do you see yourself doing in five years? What do you need to change in the coming year?

All of these questions and more help to define and orientate where you are, now, and where you want to get to. It's impossible to go anywhere in your career without reflecting and planning. So, give it a shot before Monday. You won't regret it!

According to this author, B-to-B copywriters are in high demand. She explains why this is the case.

Posted December 27, 2006

One aspect of journalism that is overlooked is "business journalism." Read a reporter's account of how he made the transition from reporter to business writer.

Here are some tips about job hunting from the California Job Journal.

Posted December 18, 2006

It's a more "receptive job market" for graduating students, according to the Indiana Daily Student. The article points out a few quirks about media hiring. "...but the number of jobs in media never fluctuates too much because media companies hire on an as-needed basis.

"They're not hiring as a response to expansion, and they don't hire cyclically like a big financial firm might hire," comments Journalism Career Services Director Marcia Debnam . "You can't start (job hunting) six months ahead because they can't wait for you (to graduate)."

If you are a photojournalist or a wannabe, read these comments. It's highly unlikely these sort of jobs will vanish but it indicates to photojournalists to keep light on their feet. Always be aware that no profession is protected. However, professional skills are very mutable.

Posted December 15, 2006

Some recent employment news:

The trade publisher VNU is going to reduce its total workforce by 10% in the upcoming year.

The Boston Herald is laying off about 10 employees in its newsroom and other departments. To quote the publisher, " "The newspaper industry is facing considerable pressure."

Rodale is going to assign once-centralized online editorial staffers to individual editors in chief.

They say that economy is local. Here the publisher Journal Register is going to cut nearly 100 jobs in the Michigan region. The reason is a "slowdown in the auto industry."

Posted December 12, 2006

Why does the buyout of journalists bode an ill-wind? "One cost, potentially a huge one, is the loss of the years of knowledge and intelligence Bill Sloat and other experienced reporters have brought to their work."

Folio has an interesting interview with the new editor-in-chief of Black Enterprise. Among other things he says, "Magazine publishing is a team sport. Group chemistry is everything and no editorial “superstar” is worth poisoning it. When it comes to staffing, screen for aptitude."

Posted December 4, 2006

These are solid, albeit generic, "50 job seeking tips" from the Tallahassee Democrat.

Posted December 2, 2006

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