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The internship is always touted as an excellent way for students to get their feet wet in the job market. Read this article from the Job Journal before you start looking for internships to be better prepared.

Posted November 14, 2006

We mentioned a few years ago about the off-shoring of writing jobs. This article by Joe Grimm of the Detroit Free Press, makes it clear that copy editing jobs are imperiled and what you can do about it. The last time I looked at off-shoring, outsources in India were doing a variety of copywriting tasks for American businesses.

If you are a copy editor please read this article!

There are editors who have more serious problems. Freedom of the press is a hard-won reality that always exposes those not to be trusted with power. It could be the mob, could be powerful politicians in Russia, or it could be religious fanatics. Those who attack the press are always on the wrong side of history.

Posted November 13, 2006

Students always want to know how much they can earn on magazines. The trade publication for the industry is Folio and they have developed a useful survey of salaries for editorial.

Posted November 9, 2006

These are substantial tips on how to look for and get a job, from the South Asian Journalists Association.

Gannett has a strategic plan that any writer or editor should be aware of, since aspects of the plan will become de rigour in the years to come.

There does seem to be a terrific battle being waged these days between improving journalism and making journalism profitable.

Posted November 8, 2006

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