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According to college career managers, "A million new college graduates will flood the job market in the next few weeks, and chances are good that with a little hard work and perseverance, they'll find jobs in a few months." One reason, according to this article, is the retirement of some of the baby-boomers. Good advice? Get internships and experience.

Posted April 30, 2007

Those blogging skills you're learning in college or at home will be integrated into any aspect of the editorial side you wish to engage in. According to this report, 400 magazines and 75% of newspapers have blogs, many with multiple blogs to cover a lot of different niches.

Blog on!

Posted April 27, 2007

Will the internet "destroy journalism?" I seriously doubt it. Journalism, like the police, is something you take for granted until it disappears. The way journalism is arranged, distributed and so on is and will continue to change. The business models will change. A "citizen" doing journalism will only be successful if he or she is a good journalist and utterly committed to it.

Just my opinion.

Since a lot of questions come into Sunoasis about copy editing as-a-profession, enjoy this interview with the New York Times chief copy editor.

Posted April 26, 2007

Video journalism is now accessible to the freelancer as never before. The key equation in all of this old vs. new is: Cost-cutting without loss of production or distribution value.

Columbia University has an excellent listing for journalism jobs. It focuses on NY City jobs but has plenty of others.

Posted April 23, 2007

Are you interested in multimedia reporting? Read this tutorial about how to do it. It issues the writer through five steps of "choosing a story, storyboarding, fieldwork, editing, and assembling..." Sounds like an archeological dig.

Posted April 19, 2007

Given the number of questions Sunoasis gets from students contemplating a writing career it might be good to think about a career action plan. "The career planning process really can take four years. However, if you’ve come in a little late, counselors say a modified version of the timeline can help a student find a job in six months. If you are late, be prepared for a more intense and time consuming process."

Posted April 18, 2007

Sunoasis had a question recently about "making money from blogs." The good news is that it's possible. The bad news is that very few do, at least on a freelance basis. However, what the article doesn't mention is that a lot of companies, media and otherwise, are hiring bloggers for their websites. Doesn't that count as "making money?"

Posted April 16, 2007

The editor at CareerBuilder.com has some basic advice on how to do the freelance thing.

Recruiters are looking at blogs to find potential hires. Even though the article focuses on more technical fields, editors are beginning to check blogs out to find writers.

Posted April 10, 2007

Freelance writers and photographers need to be alert to new contracts being developed for a "multi-platform world." A newspaper, magazine, book publisher rarely, if ever, changes the terms of a standard contract in favor of the freelance, contract person.

If you want to get an idea of how-to-do freelance writing in the digital age, read this account from Mark Glaser.

Posted April 9, 2007

Of course, the first thing to learn is how to "write online." What does this mean? According to the interview Guillermo Franco had with a usability expert, it is determined by the fact that online readers are "task orientated."

I recommend this interview to any student or teacher who has students that want to write for the Net.

This article focuses on base-bottom computer skills you need in order to move in the job marketplace.

Posted April 5, 2007

Interesting comments are made by a "publishing industry blogger" (who I happen to read occasionally) about the need for journalists and their employers to embrace the Net. Succinctly put: "No Web Skills, No Job."

Posted April 3, 2007

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